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Watch a latex-clad Toyah, Robert Fripp in a Hannibal Lecter mask and a punk rock Chesney Hawkes cover Stacy’s Mom

Toyah and Robert’s Sunday Lunch is back, and it might just be the freakiest one yet, as our dynamic duo cover Fountains of Wayne’s lust/crush anthem Stacy’s Mom, with added bondage



Summer is over, days are getting shorter and the UK’s economy is utterly fucked, but hey, it’s not all bad news, for at least we have national treasures Toyah and Robert Fripp to lift our spirits as the darkness descends.

Keen-eyed readers will notice that Toyah Willcox and Robert Fripp are not alone in their kitchen in the latest instalment of their hugely successful and highly-entertaining Sunday Lunch series. For the past three weeks, our dynamic duo have been joined by former pop star Chesney Hawkes, best known for his UK chart topping 1991 debut single The One And Only, also a Top 10 hit in America, to perform covers of Bryan Adams’ Summer of ’69, The Killers’ Mr Brightside and, inevitably, Hawkes’ biggest hit.

In the final week of his residency in the Willcox/Fripp kitchen, Hawkes, for reasons best known to himself, has come styled as a punk, but that’s not the most striking visual on offer, as Toyah has squeezed herself into a shiny latex dress, and Robert Fripp – apparently under the control of “pop bandits” – has been muzzled with a Hannibal Lecter-style face-mask. 

No further questions please.

Today’s cover tune is Fountains Of Wayne’s 2003 horny adolescent lust/crush anthem Stacy’s Mom, the New York band’s highest-charting single in the US, arguably best known for its PG-rated video starring model New Zealand-born Rachel Hunter, a regular presence in UK tabloid newspapers throughout the ’90s following her marriage to Rod Stewart.

Rachel Hunter does not make a cameo appearance in the kitchen today, but let’s not rule anything out for the future, shall we?

Watch the Willcox/Fripp/Hawkes take on Stacy’s Mom below: