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Watch Bruce Dickinson drag a stage invader offstage during an Iron Maiden show without missing a beat

In a battle between Bruce Dickinson and a stage invader, there’s only going to be one winner



If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s that you do not mess with Bruce Dickinson. Few rock stars have quite so little tolerance for bullshit, boneheadedness and all-round idiocy as the Iron Maiden frontman.

One hapless Maiden fan found this out first-hand at a gig at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California on September 22, 2022. This over-zealous and/or drunken dude decided it would make absolutely everybody’s night if he clambered onstage during closing song Aces High.

Initially, Bruce seemed to welcome the guy onstage, beckoning him over, possibly to ensure he didn’t run amok. The interloper took this as a cue to weave away from the singer and flash the horns at guitarist Janick Gers and bassist Steve Harris. At which point Bruce  grabbed him by the shirt and literally dragged him offstage, hair flailing.

Let‘s face it, climbing onstage at a gig by a band who have never, ever in their history said, ‘Hey, stage invading is cool’ is a pretty dumb move in the first place. When the same band is fronted by a man who is a trained swordsman and their stage set literally involves a giant monster samurai waving around a massive Katana, well, this bozo can think himself lucky he made it offstage unscathed.

Watch fan footage of the incident below.