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Watch Corey Taylor lend his rap ‘skills’ to new country/hip hop song

Craving a fix of Kid Rock-style hip hop circa American Bad Ass? Corey Taylor and Moonshine Bandits have got your back



Human dynamo Corey Taylor is back in the spotlight this week, lending his rap skills to Live The Madness, the new single from Californian ‘outlaw country hip hop’ duo Moonshine Bandits.

The Bandits reached out to Taylor after befriending the singer’s wife Alicia, whose dancing cabaret troupe, the Cherry Bombs, were cast in a previous video from the duo. 

“We emailed the song over to Alicia and we told her that Corey Taylor would be the perfect feature to have on this song,” the duo, Dusty ‘Tex’ Dahlgren and Brett ‘Bird’ Brooks, explained to Loudwire. “She showed it to Corey, and he loved it. Corey asked us, ‘What version of Corey do you want on the song (i.e. Stone Sour, acoustic Corey, metal Corey, rap Corey)?’ We responded that we wanted all the versions of Corey mixed into one. He crushed it!”

As to the message behind the song, the Bandits say it’s an encouragement to “live your life full throttle. Always be willing to take that risk and challenge yourself. Celebrate life to its fullest extent. We wanted this song to have an energy that encourages people … to go out and raise a little hell.”

In the absence of new material from Kid Rock, Uncle Kracker or Methods of Mayhem, CT and the Bandits have got you covered.