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Watch Italian proggers Jana Draka cover Gentle Giant’s Wreck

Italian prog quartet Jana Draka released their debut album, The Journey Begins in 2019



We’ve all seen footage of Gentle Giant performing live in their heyday on YouTube and marvelled at the band’s dazzling dexterity, not to mention their ability to swap between instruments seemingly at will.

So one can imagine what a daunting task it must be to tackle one of the band’s songs, let along film yourselves doing so and then upload it onto the Internet where all and sundry can blight your dreams with their caustic comments.

Not so Italian four-piece prog band Jana Draka, who have covered Gentle Giant’s Wreck from the band’s second album, 1971’s Acquiring The Taste (which celebrated its 50th anniversary yesterday). And we have to say it’s really rather good – you can watch the video in full below.

The quartet hail from Cosenza, Calabria in Italy and are Valerio Magli (vocals and bass), Danilo Pantusa (guitars and vocals), Valentina D’Angelo (drums and vocals) and Federico Aramini (piano and keyboard).

Jana Draka formed in 2014 and released their first EP, Introspection, in 2016. they released their debut album, Where The Journey Begins in 2019. 

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