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Watch kids loose their minds to Metallica and Slipknot more at this metal-themed puppet show

Death metal puppet legends Bullicio Puppets put on metal-themed puppet shows for kids, and the results are truly the best thing ever



Bullicio Puppets, a death metal puppet act from Chile, are keeping the future of metal well and truly alive, in the form of high-energy puppet shows for kids, soundtracked by some of the heaviest bands.

In a recent video, Bullicio Puppets, created by Fabian R Salazar Albornoz, display one of their gigs in action, as metalhead/puppet Jack Distortion, who dons a battle jacket and ginger dreadlocks, performs to a room full of children while rocking out on a plastic guitar to Metallica‘s Hardwired. As he orchestrates the puppet, Fabian wears a fully black outfit, hiding his identity, while shouting along to get the mini metallers moving.

Introducing kids to metal is of course a must for any metal parent, and what better way is there to ignite their love of heavy music than make-shift puppet-fronted  concerts and metal parties? Plus, the children seem to be absolutely loving it; they’re headbanging, wildly dancing and losing their little metal-loving minds. 

At the mini Metallica gig in the video below, kids are jumping, fist-pumping the air, swinging their heads and one little dude even seems to be playing air-guitar, while using a safety rope as his make-believe instrument. We’re also amused by the fact the lyrics of the 2016 rager contains plenty of words that are hardly child-friendly, but yet no one seems to be too bothered about it. 

Bullicio Puppets have taken their show across the globe, and even performed at Download Festival in 2019.

In their other videos, kids can be seen circle-pitting to Slayer, while hitting each other with party balloons, as well as enjoying the music of many other bands such as Anthrax, Queen, Slipknot and more.

Check out footage from Bullicio Puppets’ metal parties below:

@jack_distortion (opens in new tab)
♬ Hardwired – Metallica (opens in new tab)
@jack_distortion (opens in new tab)
♬ Caught In A Mosh – Anthrax (opens in new tab)
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♬ People = Shit – Slipknot (opens in new tab)
@jack_distortion (opens in new tab)
♬ sonido original – Jack Distortion (opens in new tab)