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Watch Queen Kwong’s Bad Lieutenant-inspired video for Sad Man, starring Jackass star Johnny Knoxville

Watch Johnny Knoxville as you’ve never seen him before in Queen Kwong’s Bad Lieutenant-inspired video for Sad Man



Queen Kwong, aka Carré Kwong Callaway, has released a cinematic video for new single Sad Man, featuring Jackass kingpin Johnny Knoxville.

The single is the latest track to be lifted from Callaway’s deeply personal Couples Only album, which was released in July, and is dedicated to “the fuckboys, the narcissists, the band dudes who think they’re all that.”

The accompanying video was directed by Callaway’s long-time collaborator Joe Cardamone, frontman of The Icarus Line, stars Johnny Knoxville, and draws inspiration from Abel Ferrara’s provocative and uncompromising 1992 neo-noir film Bad Lieutenant.

“I knew it would take a really special guy to perform in this video, someone who wasn’t afraid of really embracing what the song represents,” Callaway says of her co-star in the gritty video.

“Even though the Sad Man video couldn’t be more different than Jackass, I knew Knoxville was the one for it – he’s clearly fearless and has a sense of humour… We danced around, cried and then we went to a church and prayed.

“Knox was so open to trying everything. It was amazing to work with someone who could have easily been a diva but instead gave 100 per cent of himself to the role, learning all the words and embracing the discomfort. His performance was so powerful that when he started crying, I started crying.”

Watch the video below: