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Watch Robert Fripp and Toyah cover Guns N’ Roses, Alice Cooper, Sex Pistols, Nirvana

We raise a virtual glass to Robert Fripp and Toyah Wilcox, two of 2020’s unsung heroes, as they serve up more killer covers



Amid the endless cavalcade of death, misery and woe set before us in 2020 there have been sporadic, fleeting moments of joy to elevate the human spirit. Honestly, there have.

Among 2020’s People Of The Year for us, have been guitar maestro Robert Fripp and Toyah Wilcox, husband and wife for 34 years, and known, respectively, to music fans worldwide as the leader of King Crimson and one of the ’80s most unique and daring pop stars, who’ve served up treat after treat in their regular ‘Sunday Lunch’  series on Toyah’s YouTube channel.

You may, perhaps, recall their glorious take on Black Sabbath’s Paranoid, featuring Fripp adorned with facial tattoos and Toyah dancing in a jail cell. Or, rather more soberly, their cover of David Bowie’s “Heroes”, released to mark VE Day. But wait there’s more… with our dynamic duo recently covering Alice Cooper, Nirvana, Sex Pistols and Guns N’ Roses

Look out for Fripp’s new instrumental intro to Anarchy In The UK, Toyah’s wild one-woman mosh pit during Smells Like Teen Spirit, Fripp’s gloriously deadpan expression while channelling Slash on Sweet Child O’ Mine and – calm yourselves, men of a certain age – Toyah teaming Alice Cooper-esque smokey eye make up with a ‘Britney Spears circa …Baby One More Time’ school uniform for their newly uploaded December 20 cover of School’s Out.

Not all heroes wear capes. Sir, madam, we salute you.