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Watch System Of A Down’s Shavo crush a Stone Temple Pilots’ classic

SOAD bassist Shavo Odadjian teams up with Phil Demmel and friends to cover Stone Temple Pilots’ Dead & Bloated



With the recent cancellation of their scheduled headline appearances at Download and Hellfest, the members of System Of A Down will have more free time on their hands this year than they originally anticipated. So it’s nice to see bassist Shavo Odadjian having fun in these uncertain times, with the SOAD man recently (virtually) joining pals Phil Demmel (Violence/ex-Machine Head), Jason Christopher (Corey Taylor/ex-Prong) and Brandon Pertzborn (Corey Taylor, HO9909) to tape a cover of Stone Temple Pilots’ classic Dead & Bloated.

“Had [a] blast jamming with my brothers to one of my favorite STP songs,” the bassist wrote, posting the video on Instagram. “Thanks to jay ruston for mixing, rare bird lit for the studio and dirtyern12 for the video. You guys all rule !!! Enjoy:))”

Odadjian will doubtless also dedicate some of his new-found freedom to his side project North Kingsley, who released their debut EP last August.

“I’m not closing the book on System because I’m doing this,” Odadjian emphasised to Hammer last summer. “I know a lot of people are like, “Oh no, it’s the final guy, the one who was always System Of A Down, always pushing for System, the cheerleader – now he’s doing this.” Yeah, I’m doing my own thing because I need to. And when the time is right, I’ll be doing that other thing. I’m not going to close any doors to anything ever.”