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Watch the drummer from Municipal Waste’s mom stage dive at one of their gigs

Every thrash gig should feature one of the band’s mom’s stage diving and crowd surfing



Most parents take some pride at their kids’ achievements, but would go so far as to throw themselves off a stage during a thrash gig.

But that’s exactly what happened at a recent Municipal Waste show in Asbury Park, New Jersey when drummer Dave Witte’s mom stage-dived  into the crowd mid-set.

Footage shows Mrs Witte dancing exuberantly at the back of the stage while the band chug away, clearly considering launching herself into the audience. And then – boom! – into the crowd she goes.

OK, she doesn’t quite launch herself into space like she’s at a Slayer gig in 1986, but she does end up surfing atop the crowd while Municipal Waste finish the song.  As they let Mrs Witte down at the, and epic chant of “Dave’s Mom! Dave’s Mom!” goes up.

The following day. guitarist Ryan Waste  revealed exactly what happened up there. “Dave Witte’s Mom stole the show last nite,” he wrote on Instagram. “She yelled in my ear ‘Ryan, do fuck you up for me, play me out’ with such confidence and swagger as she proceeded to jump off the stage. It was her show and my favorite of the tour so far. Respect to the Witte family and Asbury Park, NJ.”

Check out the footage below.