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Watch the new trailer for Netflix’s You Season 4

Netflix released the trailer for the upcoming season 4 of the Penn Badgley-starring thriller series You. Joe Goldberg heads to London and faces another killer in the new clip. Continue reading…



Oh, You, we’ve missed you so much. Thankfully, it won’t be long before fans are yet again caught up in Joe’s nasty, little murderous games! 

Today, Netflix released the trailer for season 4 of the hit psychological thriller series, which is set to premiere its first slate of episodes on Thursday, February 9. 

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The two-minute trailer finds Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) taking his vindictive ways all the way across the pond to London where he’s attempting to start a new life as a professor named Jonathan Moore. The clip shows that he’s settled into a community of self-indulgent, upper-class elites — which is exactly the kind of over-the-top, ridiculous characters that the You-niverse is made for! But of course, he’s still struggling to keep his homicidal, stalker tendencies at bay, even as he’s trying to find the peace he’s long been searching for.

For the fourth installment, it looks like the series is switching things up, with Joe now being the one who feels like he’s under the surveillance of some sort of malicious force. And to make matters worse, there’s also an “eat-the-rich killer” terrorizing his swanky, new community. You can bet that if he wants things to return to “normal,” he may just have to track down the killer first. 

You season 4 features 10 episodes, with the first five dropping in February, and the rest arriving a month later on Thursday, March 9. 

You can watch the trailer for You season 4 part 1 below.


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