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Watch this 6-year-old slay with cover of Rage Against The Machine’s Killing In The Name

Little Coen Krysiak’s parents draw the line at his singing Rage Against The Machine’s expletive-laden classic — but you can watch him rock out on the guitar and drums



Surely no cover of Rage Against The Machine‘s very sweary hit Killing In The Name has ever been as cute as this.

Coen Krysiak plays both the guitar and the drums on his tribute to the Rage classic. The video features a split screen showing Coen playing both his guitar and drum parts. It can be viewed below.

The 6-year-old’s social media accounts are run by his parents and other videos show him playing along to Nirvana and Metallica tracks.

Sensibly, Coen’s parents knew better than to let the little guy show off his vocal chops on the Rage Against The Machine track, which features no fewer than 17 ‘F-bombs’.

Killing In The Name was a surprise UK number one in 2009 after a Facebook campaign, intended to put the blocks on X Factor winner Joe McElderry claiming that year’s top spot, ended up being a massive success.

Garth Richardson, producer of the song and 1992’s self-titled debut album, recalled how hearing the track in the studio knocked him off his feet. He said: “My jaw hit the floor. The song was a standout for an anthem and it knocked me off my feet. We all felt this was going to be big.”

And on the Christmas number one success, he added: “Having a UK Christmas number one in 2009, after all that time was a thrill of a lifetime. It just shows how much power people have and what they can do when they work as a group. 

“This band is like no other, what they stand for and what they’ve done. I don’t think anyone will be able to copy them. They changed the musical landscape forever.”

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