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Watch this Border Collie absolutely smash a dance routine to Evanescence’s Bring Me To Life

It’s the Crufts dog show, and Border Collie Breeze is here to light up the arena with an Evanescence-inspired routine



First staged in 1891, Crufts proudly claims to the greatest dog show in the world, and frankly, who are we to argue? A hugely popular celebration of canine kind (scheduled, this year, to take place in Birmingham from July 15-18) it’s an event close to every dog lover’s heart, and one which throws up treasured ‘good boy’ moments sure to melt even the blackest of hearts. 

As 2021 hasn’t exactly been over-burdened with good news as yet, we thought we might take you back to a more innocent, carefree time – last summer, basically – to revisit that moment where a Border Collie named Breeze Jumping Kiwis (and her owner, Switzerland’s Monika Ballerini) set out to claim the International Freestyle Heelwork to Music category, with a spirited, enthusiastic dance routine soundtracked by Evanescence’s 2003 single Bring Me To Life.

Do we need to explain this further? It’s a cute doggo dancing to gothic metal: what’s not to like? Take it away Breeze…