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Watch Wardruna’s new four-part mini documentary here

Norwegian folk-proggers Wardruna recently released new album Kvitravn



Norwegian folk-proggers Wardruna are the subject of a fascinating four-part mini-documentary which delves deeper into their world, with mainman Einar Selvik guiding the viewer more deeply into the thoughts, processes and inspiration behind the music.  You can watch all four parts below.

The series has been produced by Twin V, the people behind Space Rocks and headed up by former Metal Hammer Editor Alexander Milas. “It has been such a pleasure to have shared a tiny part of this journey because it’s music that’s so full of meaning and a perfect tonic for these troubled times, and I daresay there’s nothing else like it because there’s only one Einar,” comments Milas.

Wardruna released their latest album Kvitravn yesterday. “We are very happy to finally share this long-overdue album with you all,” says Selviik. “In the period leading up to the release, it has been truly overwhelming to see how well you have received the songs we have shared so far. We sincerely hope you will enjoy the rest! For me personally, this album represents a natural continuation and development of everything we have done so far.”

It was recently announced that Einar Selvik will headline a special live streamed event at That Jorvik Viking Thing on February 20.

Selvik will headline a special live-streamed event taking place as part of That Jorvik Viking Thing online festival, hosted from 15-20 February 2021 by York’s Jorvik Viking Centre. Selvik will talk about his music, demonstrate instruments and play some of his most recent music as part of the event being streamed live from Norway on Saturday 20 February 2021, 7.30pm.

Warduna have previously released videos for Skugge, Andvevarljod and Kvitravn.

More info on Twin V.