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We’ve found the most metal rug on the internet – and it’s 20% off for Cyber Monday

Etsy have this metal AF rug 20% down from its usual price for Cyber Monday



Hopefully, you’ve already spent a good wedge of your Cyber Monday casting your eyes over our extensive guide to the best Cyber Monday music deals, which include everything from vinyl to speakers to headphones to merchandise and even alcohol and camping gear.

Third party marketplace website Etsy have a ton of sellers slashing prices on their creations for Cyber Monday, and one item that’s caught our eye this afternoon is what we reckon might just be the most heavy metal looking rug on the internet. It’s black (obviously), and it’s adorned with a gorgeous design featuring a winged skull that’ll bring a classy touch of gnarliness to any self-respecting metalhead’s living room. Best of all? It’s 20% off today, starting at £41.39 (down from £51,74) (opens in new tab), or $47.09 (down from $59.88) (opens in new tab)

Even better, you can get the rug made in eight different sizes (from 80x50cm all the way up to 280x180cm), with the price naturally going up the bigger it gets, and you can get two different material backings for it, with rubber being the standard, cheaper option or cotton available if you fancy giving it a little upgrade.

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