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When even Andrew W.K. no longer seems interested in partying hard, then what’s the point of anything at all, really

We listened to the new Andrew W.K. song hoping for positivity, joy and uninhibited party vibes. Oh boy, we called that wrong



Cards on the table here, we haven’t exactly been watching every single move of Andrew W.K’s career since he first exploded onto the music scene in 2001 with the fabulously gonzoid I Get Wet, but we still had the California-born, Michigan-raised musician pegged as a force for good, a cheerleader for positivity, and a relentless champion of hedonism and lives lived loud. 

Maybe we should have paid more attention, because Babalon, the latest single from Mr W.K. is really not hitting the mark in terms of generating riotous feel god vibes. When a PSA at the outset of the video for the song. warns “Andrew W.K. wishes that this video in no way endorses a believe in evil ”, you can’t help but think, Oh, aye, what’s going on here then lad?, but nothing quite prepares you for the reality which unfolds. 

No offence to anyone involved here, but we did not hit the Play button here to be confronted by rotting skulls, King Diamond-style falsettos, grinding riffs and Mr Wilkes Krier shrieking about a ‘sanctified whore’. Sweet baby Jesus, where is the love?

It’s not for us to tell you what to think, obviously. But tell us that we’re wrong here. You’ll find us on the communal sofa, rewatching Jackass episodes and chowing down on theatrical blood capsules, wondering where all the heroes have gone.