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White Void’s Anti’s is a whirlwind ride around metal, occult rock and psychedelia

Norwegian oddballs White Void find new ways to get psyched on debut album Anti



A collaboration between notables from Norwegian black metal, electronica and blues rock, White Void have conjured something gently unusual on their debut. Pitched somewhere between retro occult rock, glowering post-punk and balls-out 80s arena rock, the quartet are audibly pursuing their instincts, resulting in a tantalising blend of familiar and alien. Opener Do. Not. Sleep is all giant riffs and euphoric, hazily psychedelic choruses, despite its underlying rhythmic punch. Where You Go, You’ll Bring Nothing is a sublime prog rock mini-odyssey, with billowing reverb and skewed melodies. The Shovel And The Cross veers from a Ghost-like spook- stomp to a blissfully languid and soulful chorus straight. Not every song grips with the same power, but the haunting, eight-minute sprawl of The Fucking Violence Of Love justifies the entry fee alone.