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Whitesnake’s Blues Album blurs genres but remains in the shadow of the blues

After Whitesnake albums called silver, gold, purple, red and white, David Coverdale completes a weird rainbow on The Blues Album



The third in a remixed and remastered trilogy, following last year’s The Rock Album and Love Songs; although since David Coverdale chose to ‘metal up’ his approach, whether the band are rockin’, lovin’ or sufferin’, such genres have blurred. 

Billed as “the band’s best blues-rock tracks” (albeit spanning just seven studio releases from 1984-2011), The Blues leans on the rock, but three from 1997’s Restless Heart (Take Me Back Again, Too Many Tears and Woman Trouble Blues) plus A Fool In Love (Good To Be Bad, 2008) at least exist in the shadow of the blues.

Elsewhere, deep cut If You Want Me is only so-so. 

Best of the bunch is River Song, from Coverdale’s 2000 solo album Into The Light, and the 14-track album ends with Crying In The Rain from 1987’s game-changing Whitesnake.