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Why Open On Sunday is the essential new landing spot for music catalog owners

From streamlined service to special financing options, Open On Sunday is changing the catalog acquisition game



After purchasing the catalogs of heavyweight names such as Grammy-winning country music songwriter Liz Rose, R&B legend Keith Sweat and hitmaker to the stars, Cory Rooney, Open On Sunday not only cemented itself as a major player in catalog acquisitions; they also captured the attention of investors. To start 2022, in just its fourth year, Open On Sunday secured $150 million for future catalog investment. 

Open On Sunday works with songwriters, producers, publishing companies and record labels, purchasing both publishing and masters. With Open On Sunday, rights holders can sell either all or just a portion of their catalog, with the catalog owner retaining the rights to future projects. Plus, unique to the industry, Open On Sunday offers a guaranteed buyback option, providing members peace of mind when selling work that holds personal value. 

“Having run a record label myself for many years, I know the energy songwriters and producers pour into their music,” says Co-Founder and President, Malcolm Thompson. “We don’t want our clients to feel like they have to sell their heart and soul just to do business with us.”

Open On Sunday also offers a special financing option for record label owners through its Catalog Builder program. Catalog Builder offers more favourable terms than an advance or traditional loan. 

Open On Sunday has also earned credibility within the industry for its purchasing process, using the latest in data analytics technology and a proprietary algorithm to produce competitive offers for catalogs in all size ranges. The company has acquired a roster of more than 60 catalogs to date, across all genres of music. 

Ultimately, though, it’s Open On Sunday’s ability to close deals quickly that separates the company from its competitors. Larger firms will often throw out gaudy numbers when making an initial offer, but after further evaluation, either can’t meet the mark, or take up to a year or more to close. Open On Sunday puts in the work ahead of time, so when an offer goes out, the funds are available and they can close within weeks. This level of efficiency often exceeds clients’ expectations, earning their trust and respect. 

Open On Sunday strives to bring transparency to the industry, providing clients with a clear picture of what their music catalog is worth and making them a competitive offer. Its user-friendly website allows for the easy uploading of data and documents, and answers to all questions are readily available through its Speak to a Leader program. 

“We want to strike a balance between technology and personal interactions,” adds COO, Greg Spils. “We use technology to bring down the costs of assessing your catalog’s values, and we pass that value onto our clients. At the same time, we’re happy to talk directly to rights holders to answer any questions about the catalog sales process.”

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