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worriedaboutsatan announce new album Providence

UK electronic post-rockers worriedaboutsatan will release new album Providence in May



UK electronica/post-rock outfit worriedaboutsatan have announced they will release their latest album, Providence, on May 7.

The band, also known as Gavin Miller, will release the new album the follow-up to last year’s Time Lapse, as a limited edition cassette which comes with a digital version of the album as well, as well as a digital release.

“Following on from previous release Time Lapse, Providence‘s eight tracks find sole member Gavin Miller in an understandably reflective mood, the band say in a statement. “Resisting the urge to simply turn in more long-form experiments in expansive post-rock informed electronica, Providence seeks to capture several different elements of the ‘satan sound, whilst attempting to thread it together into one cohesive whole.

“The album navigates through tense drones, wistful electronics, and even euphoric ambient techno over its runtime, but was always meant as many sides of the same atmosphere. As trite as it sounds, it was all born of the same feeling in the same time at the same place.

“A lot has happened to worriedaboutsatan over the past few years, and as the cover suggests, time and its passing present fertile ground for inspiration. Despite a temptation to wallow in past glories, Providence finds worriedaboutsatan looking very much to the future.”

Pre-order Providence.