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WWE legend Edge is on a mission to make Metallica play Wrestlemania

The 11-time World Champion guests on this week’s Metal Hammer Podcast and he’s got some things to say



On the latest episode of the Metal Hammer Podcast sponsored by KILLSTAR, WWE legend, Hall Of Famer and 11-time World Champion Adam ‘Edge’ Copeland discusses his lifelong love of heavy metal and how it influenced his career.

The Rated R Superstar talks being a diehard Metallica fan and how he stuck with them through their controversial 90s run, how Rob Zombie and Alter Bridge ended up giving him songs for his WWE theme tune, who in wrestling he nerds out with the most about music and how Nine Inch Nails and Ministry influenced his early WWE run.

In one part of the interview, which you can listen to now via Spotify, Apple, Podbean and all other major podcast platforms, Edge discusses the possibility of seeing Metallica follow in the footsteps of Motörhead, Limp Bizkit and Drowning Pool by playing at WWE’s flagship event, Wrestlemania.

“How has that not happened?” he asks. “It’s a very good question. Especially when we were in San Francisco. I don’t know, but it feel like it needs to happen. [WWE Chairman] Vince McMahon’s favourite song is America The Beautiful; I would love to hear Metallica scorch America The Beautiful. It’d be so good.”

Edge also comments on Iron Maiden not being in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame yet, noting: “The fact that Maiden is not in there in blasphemy. I mean, come on. Judas Priest, it took forever to even get on the ballot…to me, how do you not put Iron Maiden in a Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame when LL Cool J’s in there?”

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