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Yearning to hear Green Day, Mariah Carey and Stranger Things’ Eddie Munson in a seasonal mash-up? Well, friend, your Christmas just came early

It might be only September, but mash-up magician DJ Cummerbund wants to spread some festive cheer



Ladies and gentlemen, we can no longer deny the march of time: summer 2022 is officially over. Done. Completed.

But just because the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness (copyright: John Keats) is bringing darkness back into our lives, doesn’t mean it’s all doom and gloom from here to eternity. 

Not convinced? Well, what about if we tell you that some internet wizard – specifically,  DJ Cummerbund – has found a way to bring together Green Day’s autumnal alarm call Wake Me Up When September Ends, Mariah Carey’s evergreen Xmas banger All I Want For Christmas Is You and metal-loving, Metallica-riffing Strangers Things gumby Eddie Munson in one gloriously festive explosion of joy?  Would you believe us then?

Maybe have a listen first, eh?

Last week it was revealed that Carey is planning to release the “irreverent, raw, and urgent” alternative rock album she recorded in secret in 1995, according to Rolling Stone, after tracking down the original tapes which her record company refused to make public.

The R&B/Pop superstar recorded the alt. rock album, inspired by artists such as Hole, Alanis Morissette and Veruca Salt, while ‘officially’ working upon her fifth studio album, Daydream. Carey’s label, however, refused to release the album, and the singer ultimately chose to have her friend Clarissa Dane, to re-record her vocals on every track, burying her own vocals low in the mix. The record, titled Someone’s Ugly Daughter, and credited to the band Chick, was then given a low-key release on Epic/550 Records, with no mention of Carey’s involvement in the project.

In a 2020 interview with Zane Lowe, Carey confessed. “I got kind of in trouble for making this album – the alternative album – because back then, everything was super-controlled by the powers that be.” 

Now, however, in a new interview conducted with Rolling Stone, Carey reveals that she has finally taken possession of the original mix of the album, and will release it in its original form.