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Yes, this is Enter Sandman in the style of Rammstein

That German-language industrial-metal makeover of Metallica’s Enter Sandman you’ve dreamed about is here



Just when you think there’s no more juice left in the Metal Band A In The Style Of Metal Band B cover version micro-trend, along comes YouTuber Denis Pauna to squeeze out a few more drops of hilarity out of this particular musical lemon.

This time around, he’s served up a real doozy. Where previous efforts have usually included some combination of Type O Negative, Alice In Chains  and Pantera, here’s around he’s opted to deliver Metallica’s Enter Sandman in the style of everyone’s favourite dildo-waving industrial-metal übermenschen Rammstein.

You don’t have to think too hard to imagine what it sounds like. The post-thrash groove of the original has been replaced by stabs of keyboard and the sort of ruthlessly efficient militaristic riffing that suggests mass troop movements are afoot.

That on its own would earn him a Rich Tea biscuit and a gold star. But here’s the zinger: it’s sung entirely in German. That’s right, Mr Pauna has gone the full Lindemann, swapping James Hetfield’s leonine roar for a deadpan Teutonic drawl that makes the song sound less like the tormented nightmares of a small child than the soundtrack to the action in a dark Berlin sex dungeon. “Nimm meine hand, auf ins Nimmer-Nimmer-Land” indeed.

Check out the video above then go hit Denis’ YouTube page and tell him how much you love him.