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Yes, this is The Pope singing Megadeth‘s Holy Wars… The Punishment Due

If you want to hear Pope Francis singing Megadeth‘s Holy Wars, it’s your lucky day



Donald Trump. Remember him? Used to live in the White House, quite active on Twitter for a while back there. But thanks to sonic cut-up artist Lars Von Retriever, aka the man behind the MetalTrump parodies, to us he’ll forever be the guy singing along to various metal songs.

With the former POTUS currently schlepping around a golf course somewhere and grumbling about stolen elections, ol’ Lars has turned his attentions elsewhere and served up an entirely different pastiche, this time getting Pope Francis to ‘cover’ Megadeth‘s 1990 classic Holy Wars… The Punishment Due

It’s genius, naturally, but also the sound of God’s main dude on earth singing a thrash metal song about the bloodshed and vengeance caused by religious conflicts down the ages feels a tiny bit blasphemous to us. Or maybe it isn’t. After all, both Dave Mustaine and David Ellefson are devout Christians these days. Maybe the could just ask the big guy upstairs outright what he thinks of it.

Anyway, enjoy the song, then head over to YouTube to see what other delights Lars Von Retriever has on offer.