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You can now hear Highway To Hell and Stairway To Heaven with added farts

A new guitar FX unit, the Fart Pedal, will allow guitarists to bolster their sonic arsenal with select flatulence noises



Ever wondered what rock classics such as Highway To Hell and Stairway To Heaven might sound like with added farts? Of course you haven’t, because what kind of lunatic would concern themselves over such nonsense?

Quite a lot of lunatics, apparently, because when guitar pedal maker Steve Gadlin launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to look into the possibility of creating a Fart Pedal to bolster the vocabulary of ‘axepeople’ everywhere, donations flooded in: having set a target of £21,999, Gadlin was delighted to see the total reach £41, 392, with 16 days to go. All systems go then.

For those unsure whether they actually NEED a Fart Pedal, Mr Gadlin has kindly prepared some enticing videos showing the power and range of the unit.

By way of an introduction, Gadlin writes:

“Since the beginning of time, guitar players have been enhancing their guitar sounds through the use of guitar pedals. Whether it’s to achieve classic distortion, chorus, wah, or phaser noises,  most guitarists plug in to a variety of pedals to produce their signature sound.

Now you can lace your signature sound with some truly epic farts.”


What a time to be alive.