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Young girl recreates Spiritbox’s Holy Roller in cute and terrifying new video

Spiritbox’s Midsommar-style video for Holy Roller gets reimagined by a little girl and her dad



Spiritbox’s colossal anthem Holy Roller has already acquired cross-generational appeal after being released just last year, and the Canadian metal trio’s track has now made its way onto the radar of possibly their youngest ever fan. 

Yesterday, the mini Spiritbox supporter in question took to Twitter to share her re-enactment of the track’s hallucinatory video, with of course, a little help from dad.

The re-envisioned version shows the girl accurately mimicking frontwoman Courtney LaPlante’s transition from flower-crowned neopagan to corpse-painted demon, and lip-syncing along to the track perfectly.

There’s definitely something a bit disturbing about seeing one so innocent shown as something so sinister, but then again, isn’t that the point of Holy Roller’s original video?

The family’s creativity has already landed praise from Spiritbox’s leader, with LaPlante applauding the father and daughter for their “great job” at recreating the band’s 2020 single. 

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Spiritbox recently wrapped up the recording of their debut album, announcing on Twitter, “Today is our last day in the $tUdi0.” Courtney LaPlante tweeted, “I really really hope you like our album. Since we had to keep pushing it back for a full year we have a lot more hype to live up to… it’s suspenseful.”

No release date has yet been set for the album. 

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