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40 new artists you need to hear in April

new songs march 2021

Everyone loves to jam out to their favorite artists and classic hits, but let’s not forget about all the fresh talent constantly popping up around the world. From pop and indie to punk and post-hardcore, there’s always a new name in music waiting to be heard.  We know there’s a lot of faces to sift […]

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new songs march 2021
[Photos by: spill tab/Provided, NOAHFINNCE/Evan Edinger, Evann McIntosh/Provided, Jensen McRae/Caity Krone, Tom The Mail Man/Jess Farran]

Everyone loves to jam out to their favorite artists and classic hits, but let’s not forget about all the fresh talent constantly popping up around the world. From pop and indie to punk and post-hardcore, there’s always a new name in music waiting to be heard. 

We know there’s a lot of faces to sift through, so we’re here to help. Each month, we’re gathering the best new releases within the past four weeks from artists you may not know and are putting them all in one place. Check out what music you might have missed in February below and follow the AltPress Discover playlist on Spotify to stay up to date on new music. Who knows? You just may find your next favorite band. 

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7evin7ins – “let go” (feat. 916frosty)

For fans of: POORSTACY, Lxst, Billy Bueffer

Alongside rapper 916frosty, 7even7ins shares vulnerable thoughts couched in upbeat choruses with “let go.” With various tempo changes throughout, the song melds pop and trap into a melodic flow of beats. The track was inspired by the rapper’s own emotions and the need to “escape and break free from reality.” “let go” is the latest in a series of singles and follows “Life Gets F**ked Up (Pt. 2)” and 2020’s “break me.”

All Hours – “Downward”

For fans of: Youth Fountain, Stand Atlantic, Yours Truly

Alongside the announcement of their upcoming EP, All Hours released the first single, “Downward.” As the opening track for their forthcoming release, the track gives listeners a peek into the themes of the rest of the album. With outstanding screams intricate riffs, the hardcore-influenced pop-punk anthem reflects on toxic situations. “It’s about cutting loose toxic friends and relationships and finding your own way,” vocalist Dani O’Grady says. “Despite the darker theme of the lyrics, the song is one of the more bouncy and fast-paced tracks off the EP. Perspectives drops April 16 and is available to preorder here.

BEEA – “Oh, Wait”

For fans of: State Champs, Against The Current, Courage My Love 

BEEA’s “Oh Wait” speaks to a toxic relationship by using sincere lyrics and memorable choruses. The pop-rock singer says she was inspired to write the track when she realized she was ready to leave a particular relationship, only for everything to change at the last moment. “This is pretty cliche,” she says. “The moment I decided I wanted to leave, everything flipped, and it was like I was back in a fairy tale.” “Oh, Wait” is BEEA’s first release since she dropped the acoustic EP for her debut release, Paranoia

Cher Strauberry – “I’ll Be Waiting”

For fans of: Bikini Kill, Lunachicks, Courtney Love

Pro skateboarder Cher Strauberry dropped the second single off her upcoming full-length with “I’ll Be Waiting.” Using punk stylings and easygoing rhythms, Strauberry shares the story of how she and her partner met. The track follows her first single “Down N Out” and will be featured on her upcoming debut LP, Chering Is Caring, out June 18 via Silver Arrow Records. Most of the album was recorded on Strauberry’s microcassette player and Walkman, giving the songs an old-school feel. 

Cold Moon – “Simpleton”

For fans of: Elder Brother, Fiddlehead, Same Side 

Alongside the announcement of their upcoming debut EP, Cold Moon (the Story So Far, Set Your Goals) share a hopeful new track with “Simpleton.” “Break the norm, go upstream,” bassist Will Levy says. “Be kind to yourself and those around you while trusting your gut and following what makes you truly happy.” The song is the band’s first release since 2019’s “Walk Out” and features the group’s signature laid-back mood. With acoustic guitars leading the track, it’s easy to relax and get lost in the rhythms. What’s The Rush drops May 7 via Pure Noise Records

Concrete Castles – “Just A Friend”


In celebration of signing to Velocity Records/Equal Vision Records, rock newcomers Concrete Castles dropped their debut single, “Just A Friend” With the help of flowing synths and a strong rhythm section, vocalist Audra Miller sings of distrust and anxieties in relationships. “It’s [about] being skeptical about a partner and not having enough trust to let them have friends or interact with anyone if it isn’t you,” the band say. “Being so scared that there are other people they may think are better than you.” The trio originally began as a cover band until they decided it was time to create original pieces. With TWIN XL’s John and Stephen Gomez (formerly of the Summer Set)  and other producers, including Blake Harnage (VersaEmerge, PVRIS), Tyler Smyth (LIGHTS, Blessthefall), the band have already begun working on their debut album. 

Dacian Miron – “Call It A Hustle, Sweetheart” (feat. Kellin Quinn)

For fans of: Fall Out Boy, Paramore, Loveless

As the opening track for his latest EP, Dacian Miron’s guitar-driven “Call It A Hustle, Sweetheart” takes on the idea of having to change for someone else. Featuring Sleeping With Sirens vocalist Kellin Quinn, rock riffs are joined by overlapping lyrics and haunting harmonies. “If you are happy with yourself, at the end of the day, that’s all that matters. No one can take that away from you,” Miron says. “The song conveys the anger that stems from being treated that way and fighting back, showing that at the end of the day, anything could be made possible. And Kellin took the song to a whole different place.” Slightly Mysterious, Somewhat Delirious is out everywhere April 23 but available exclusively on Spotify now.

Dad Bod – “4/9”

For fans of: The Sukis, Tomberlin, Keep For Cheap

Dad Bod breathe new life into “4/9” by giving it echoing vocalizations and an atmospheric undercurrent. The track was originally featured as an acoustic version on the band’s 2020 EP, Precursor. “‘4/9’ was the opening track on that record and was pieced together through voice memos I recorded on my iPhone and instrumentation Wilson [Zellar] recorded at home,” vocalist Callie Marino says. “Tracks were sent back and forth, and ideas [were] shared as the song began to come together. The rest of the band wanted to expand on the song. Once we started practicing again, a new version came together.”

Days Like These – “Gravity”

For fans of: Awaken I Am, Picturesque, We Set Signals 

After almost two years since their last release, Days Like These dropped their third single, “Gravity.” With electronic elements scattered throughout, the song introduces their listeners to a redefined sound. Using catchy guitar hooks, the group take a more melodic approach compared to previous releases. “‘Gravity’ is a look into the struggles of anxiety and displacement that I face in social situations,” lead vocalist Callen Batson says. “As long as I can remember, I’ve felt uncomfortable around people I don’t know so well and/or simply feeling out of place within a group. Not knowing when to speak or what to say and then getting trapped in my head about these feelings has been a hurdle to overcome.” “Gravity” will be featured on the band’s upcoming EP, Wide Awake, which drops May 14. 

Dead Crown – “Pale Horse”

For fans of: Chelsea Grin, Attila, Bloodline

Dead Crown dropped their first single since their 2019 debut LP, Crucify Me, with “Pale Horse.” Referencing the white horse of the apocalypse, vocalist Kenny Johns says the track is a “reflection” of how the band see the world. Society as a whole is going through an era of chaos that is leading us along a downward spiral with no end in sight,” Johns says. “Our hate for the current state of the world is powerful, [and] it’s growing. This song represents that hate.” With raging screams and intense breakdowns, the metalcore trio get their point across quite clearly. 

Ellise – “Feeling Something Bad”

For fans of: Hey Violet, Maggie Lindemann, Charlotte Lawrence

Alt-pop’s Ellise (Gitas) is “Feeling Something Bad” in her second release this year. Enveloped in her customary dark vibes, piano runs are scattered through the intro and choruses, accompanied by strong synth pulses. Along with a twisted music video where the singer is forced to become a doll, the track is a hypnotic piece that you’ll be dancing to on repeat. “Feeling Something Bad” follows her previous release “Bubblegum Brain,” which featured RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars season 5 winner Shea Couleé in the music video. Both tracks will be included on Gitas’ debut LP, Chaotic, which is due out later this spring. 

ENNY – “Same Old”

For fans of: Mahalia, Pip Millett, OSHUN

Off her upcoming debut EP, ENNY shares her third track of 2021 with “Same Old.” Accompanied by mellow guitars and a moving backbeat, the singer smoothly delivers each line and comments on current social injustices. Despite some of the subject matter, she hopes others can hear the positivity that inspired the track. “There are so many beautiful moments and feelings attached to this track from the moment it was created,” she says. “I hope that anyone that listens to it is able to experience that energy when they hear it.”

Evann McIntosh – “JENN!FER ANI!STON”

For fans of: Billie Eilish, Huron John, Eloise

Evann McIntosh delivers mesmerizing harmonies paired with simple beats in JENN!FER AN!STON.” Echoing trills and vocalizations drive the track through each verse, while a deep bass provides a solid foundation. McIntosh’s lyrics center around their wish to see someone they care about as “more than just a love interest.” “It’s about the constant continuation of the same pattern. It’s about trying to force a change that won’t come,” McIntosh says. “You want better, and you put in the effort, but it’s unreciprocated either way. No commitment and no loss.” The track is McIntosh’s fourth single since their 2019 debut LP, MOJO, and follows 2020’s “BULL$HIT.”

Everything We’re Not – “Let It Go” (feat. Max Bemis)

For fans of: The Maine, blink-182, Jimmy Eat World 

Encompassed in the carefree attitude that comes with pop punk, Everything We’re Not share their second single of the year with “Let It Go.” Featuring Say Anything’s Max Bemis, the track remarks on young love and all the hopes that come with it. Lively riffs steer the musicians through each verse alongside upbeat drum hits. “Let It Go” is the band’s fourth release since their 2018 EP, Give Up, and follows their first track of the year, “Broken Down.”

Global Dan – “Had me at goodbye”

For fans of: LiL Lotus, nothing,nowhere., lil aaron

Created with producer John Feldmann (All Time Low, Escape The Fate) of Goldfinger and Travis Barker, Global Dan’s “Had me at goodbye” is the perfect emo anthem to get you through a breakup. Backed by light trap beats, the track sees the rapper going through the motions of sadness. “When people hear this song, I want them to feel happy about being sad,” Dan says. “I want them to overcome any heartbreak they’re going through, know their self-worth and never settle for less than what [they] know [they] deserve.” “Had me at goodbye” is the lead single off his upcoming EP with Dim Mak, which was executively produced by Steve Aoki

Gvllow – “Nightmare”

For fans of: Kamiyada+, gizmo, Muppy

Mixing elements of post-punk and goth, Gvllow takes us back to the ’80s with “Nightmare.” While his self-titled full-length featured more rapping than singing, the vocalist shares a different side to his voice as he sings through each verse in low timbre. Accompanied by a grunge-tinged music video, the track takes you to a world of never-ending echoes and grooves. “Nightmare” is featured on his latest EP, Spiritwalker, which dropped March 24.

HUNNY – “Sports With Strangers”

For fans of: flor, Night Riots, Vacation Manor

Inspired by the isolation that everyone has been in over the past year due to the coronavirus, HUNNY’s “Sports With Strangers” links those feelings with past experiences. Featuring lively progressions and a beat that will get you dancing, “Sports With Strangers” remarks on the feelings that come with being around people who you share no common interests with. “Rather than write about the loneliness that comes from being physically separated, we were reminded of the distance that comes from spending time in a crowd that couldn’t be further intellectually and emotionally from your perspective,” the band say. The track is the quartet’s first release since their 2019 debut Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Izzy T – “Nuclear” (feat. Ben Hunter)

For fans of: Nothing More, Pop Evil, Bloc Party 

With her second release of the year, alt-rock singer Izzy T delivers an empowering new single and a music video to match. Featuring rapper Ben Hunter, “Nuclear” mixes hard-edged riffs with electric synths to create contrasting dynamics between the verse and the chorus. “This song has really paved the way for my new sound as an artist,” Izzy T says. “I love big crunchy guitars and stompy beats—and the freedom to go from low and creepy to high as the clouds with my voice.” This is her third original track and follows a cover of Miley Cyrus’ “Midnight Sky.

Jensen McRae – “Starting To Get To You”

For fans of: Claud, Better Oblivion Community Center, Soccer Mommy

With a simple guitar and beat backtrack, we see Jensen McRae go from friendship to romance with her easygoing song “Starting To Get To You.” “[The track] is about the slow burn,” she says. “It’s about being friends with someone for a while and always wondering if maybe you could be something more. Then, after a long time, everything just falls into place, and you see each other in a whole new light.” Like in the rest of her discography, McRae’s voice is front and center as she moves between airy falsettos and resonating lows. The song is the latest in a string of singles since McRae’s 2019 debut with “White Boy.”

Kandle – “Honey Trap”

For fans of: Dear Criminals, Jimmy Hunt, Galaxie

Being in love can be amazing—just be careful that you don’t fall for a “Honey Trap.” Kandle (Osborne) warns listeners of manipulators with smooth rock grooves and heavy rhythms. With alluring vocals, she sings of her discoveries with toxic relationships and how we’re taught certain actions will allow us to take back the power we thought was lost. “When society conditions you to believe that your only assets are your body and your sexuality, the idea of using these as a tool to move forward when all other avenues are closed doesn’t seem so extreme,” Osborne says. “You start to believe it’s your choice, albeit a self-sacrificial one. Only when you start to break free [does] it becomes clear that you were never given a choice in the first place. We play their game until we make our own.” The track will be included on Osborne’s upcoming album, Set The Fire, which is set to release this spring.  

Keeper – “FROG”

For fans of: Machine Gun Kelly, Lil Peep, Lil Xan

Keeper (Emanuel Andrade,) guitarist for Jack The Envious, unleashes trap rhythms with classic emo vibes in “FROG. Inspired by Neck Deep, Andrade gives a fresh take on punk riffs accompanied by his own personal lyrics. With catchy choruses and a memorable bridge, the rapper says the track is all about teamwork. “When life gives you lemons, you open a lemonade stand with your mates,” he says. “Although problems, upsets and issues will always be prevalent in life, it’s through trial, perseverance and the people around you that allow you to push through.” The track is his third single off his new EP, Guess I’m Keeper, which dropped March 19.

kezia – “SUNSHINE”

For fans of: RITTYBO, Kiyomi, Samaria

Alongside the announcement of her upcoming EP, kezia dropped a new R&B-inspired track with “SUNSHINE.” Influenced by bands ranging from My Chemical Romance and Paramore to Fela Kuti and Papa Wemba, smooth beats lead the singer’s soft voice through personal revelations and cymbal hits. “When I wrote ‘SUNSHINE,’ I thought the ‘you’ was my boyfriend at the time,” kezia says. “But when I listen to the ‘you’ now, I know it’s me, my own self. The song’s about how before I learned to be myself, I would be largely absent. I would steamroll over my inconvenient inconsistencies. I would replace ego with shadow and hope with fear.” The track follows the singer’s 2020 releases “Lonely” and “megan fox.” kezia’s forthcoming debut EP, claire, drops May 28 via Never Seven. 

Lani Rose – “Overreacting”

For fans of: Vorsa, emawk, Syence

As the first single off his upcoming EP, Lani Rose’s Overreactingis a personal track filled with passion that at point couldn’t be reached. The track begins with a single guitar before adding the singer’s vocals alongside soft hip-hop beats. Rose says the song is a letter to his past self when he wasn’t able to express his emotions the way he wanted to. “I was overwhelmed, isolated and felt insignificant,” he says. “’Overreacting’ is a memory that isn’t easy for me to reflect on—a period in my life when who I desired the most wanted me gone the most.” 

Lexi Jayde – “Newbury Park”

For fans of: Phoebe Bridgers, Sara Kays, Aria Rayes

With her first single with APG, alt-pop vocalist Lexi Jayde shares a personal track adorned with vibrant acoustic riffs. “Newbury Park” was inspired by long drives and wasted gas when Jayde would visit a boy, only for him to not show any type of support for her in return. “It was tough,” she says. “I had moments where I couldn’t look at my bed or listen to certain songs because they just reminded me of that experience. I think it’s so important to feel mutual chemistry in any relationship.” The track is Jayde’s third single and follows a feature on Goody Grace’s “On Repeat” with Cigarettes After Sex, alongside 2020’s “Oldest Teenager” and “If I Really Love You.”

Lipstick Jodi – “Going Insane”

For fans of: The Turnips, Deep Dark Blue, American WiFi  

Lipstick Jodi are Going Insane” with their latest single that’s filled with ambient noise. Led by Karli Morehouse, the alt-pop trio combine alluring reverberations with swaying vocals into waves of crashing synths and beats. The track follows “do/SAY,” and they’ll both be included on the band’s upcoming LP, More Like Me, which drops May 7 via Quite Scientific. Morehouse says that through the album, she was able to release her own stress and worry. “Following a lot of emotional and boundary growth, the songs we finished center around change; letting go and moving on,” she says. “Looking back, in a way, this album is a loud scream to myself and others that I wasn’t OK.”

MILLY – “Birds Fly Free”

For fans of: Dead Sullivan, Soft Blue Shimmer, Happy Diving

MILLY produce a slow-grooving track filled with resounding progressions in “Birds Fly Free.” Boasting ’90s vibes, the track’s accompanying music video sees singer Brendan Dyer go about his day. From the vocalist being chased by a dog to almost getting killed by an action figure that’s come to life, the cinematic imagery complements the track’s builds and drops seamlessly. “Birds Fly Free” will be featured on their upcoming EP, Wish Goes On, which drops April 9 via Dangerbird Records.

MVSSIE – “Monsters Under My Bed”

For fans of: YUNGBLUD, RIVALS, jxdn

MVSSIE gives fans a look into her fears and personal demons with “Monsters Under My Bed.” Produced by Escape The Fate’s Kevin Gruft (The Dead Rabbits, Diamante,) the track combines rock guitars with pop hooks to create unforgettable melodies. “I think we have all been in a place where we don’t want to face reality,” the singer says. “We don’t want to make a decision because we are afraid of what the consequences might be. I wanted to capture that anxiety in a simple and raw way anyone could relate to. How I pictured that anxiety was being a little kid, scared of monsters under my bed because who hasn’t had that overwhelming fear?” The track is the latest in a string of singles and follows “Mama Don’t Cry,” “I Guess” and “Revive.”


For fans of: blink-182, Green Day, the Oozes

NOAHFINNCE (Noah Adams) dropped his latest single via Hopeless Records with “Stupid.” Focused on “how falling in love sucks,” the track features upbeat guitar licks accompanied by electronic elements that give his pop-punk track a contemporary edge. Directed by Luke Cutforth, the music video complements the track perfectly, with Adams getting into a load of shenanigans alongside his band of animals. “Stupid” is the singer’s first track of the year and follows 2020’s “Life’s A Bit.”

Oliver Francis – “TOXIC PARADISE”

For fans of: Smrtdeath, LiL Lotus, guccihighwaters 

Oliver Francis shared the first in a series of cinematic music videos with “TOXIC PARADISE,” alongside announcing his partnership with Hopeless Records under his own label Wild Halo. Hoping that his music will transport listeners to another world, Francis mixes modern pop and trap with ’80s synthwave to create a shimmering dystopia. Co-written with Underoath’s Aaron Gillespie, the track’s lively beat hides the underlying message to exercise caution in a world where it seems like everyone is out to get you. 

Pardoner – “Spike”

For fans of: Narrow Head, Spirit Of The Beehive, Pllush 

For the second single off their upcoming album, Came Down Different, Pardoner tap into their punk influences to create an upbeat track. Utilizing quick-paced tempos and witty lyrics, “Spike” is a candid commentary on the ridiculous expectations that come from working with “the Man.” Came Down Different drops May 12 via Bar/None Records and is the band’s first release with a label since 2017’s Uncontrollable Salvation (Father/Daughter Records).

Pansy – “Trash”

For fans of: Lady Dan, Mother Sun, New Love Crowd

With the third and final single of her upcoming self-titled debut, Pansy (Vivian McCall) explores lo-fi melodies with “Trash.” Softer than her last two releases, “Anybody Help Me” and “Woman Of Ur Dreams,” McCall shares a different side to her musicality. Led by a resonating bassline, the track utilizes simple instrumentation and allows the singer’s airy vocals to shine through. Pansy drops April 2 via Earth Libraries

SHAOLIN G – “Nice Thingz”

For fans of: Noah Cunane, contradash, Anthony Russo

UNITYTX’s Jay Webster dropped two new singles for his solo project SHAOLIN G. “Nice Thingz” and “Heavy Memories” serve as Webster’s second and third releases this year. Written after a rough breakup, “Nice Thingz” focuses on moving forward. With uptempo beats providing the foundation for the track, mellow guitar progressions lead the singer through each verse. “I wanted something vibrant and upbeat to come out musically for once since everything always sounded so depressing,” he says. “It’s hard to balance your dreams and also give all of yourself to someone else. Patience wears thin for those wanting more out of a relationship than in a career field.” 

Short Stack – “Burn You Down”

For fans of: I See Stars, blessthefall, the Word Alive 

In celebration of signing with UNFD, rock trio Short Stack are sharing their first single in almost six years with “Burn You Down.” The track is the band’s only release since 2015’s Homecoming. Accented by raging riffs and an earth-shattering breakdown, the track is just the one to mosh to. Electric synths create a futuristic vibe filled with frustration. “I don’t think the world needs another happy pop song at the moment because I don’t think the world is a happy place at the moment,” singer Shaun Diviney says. “This song comes from a place of anger and destruction about wanting to tear something down and begin again.”

spill tab – “PISTOLWHIP”

For fans of: Remi Wolf, BLACKSTARKIDS, Dreamer Boy

spill tab (Claire Chicha) shares an upbeat indie anthem meant to mirror the turmoil of a broken heart with “PISTOLWHIP.” Utilizing quick beats and soft piano progressions, the track builds into distorted measures and switches back and forth between pleasant workings and discomforting breaks. “I wanted to imagine what it’d be like in the head of someone who’s just finding out they’re being cheated on,” Chicha says. “They’re vacillating between pure rage and just wanting to hold on ’cause they love that person so deeply, and then the underlying issues of that relationship start to show in the second verse. It’s just a descent into madness, I guess.” The track is Chicha’s first track since her Oatmilk EP dropped in December 2020 via Arista Records. 

SUMO CYCO – “No Surrender”

For fans of: New Years Day, DIAMANTE, Bad Seed Rising 

SUMO CYCO mix pop hooks with rock intensity for their latest single, “No Surrender.” With driving guitar progressions and heavy breakdowns, the band take on warring thoughts and personalities within themselves. The song is written from the perspective of the voice or voices in my head,” Skye Sweetnam says. “[One tells] me to run one moment, another to hold my ground and another to fight back. In between some epic rocking out with the band, I wanted the viewers to visualize the colorful juxtaposition that goes on in my mind.” The track will be included on the band’s forthcoming album, Initiation, which drops May 7 via Napalm Records

Tom The Mail Man – “Last Night”

For fans of: BIGBABYGUCCI, whiterosemoxie, Koi

Tom The Mail Man shared an interpretation of Foo Fighters’ hit “Everlong” with his own emo-trap mix. Beginning with a rendition of the original’s opening riff, “Last Night” also features hip-hop beats to accompany the rapper as takes on his inner demons. “I’ve heard getting clearances for iconic songs like this can be difficult, and I’m sure Dave Grohl is really protective of his work,” the rapper says of what he calls one of his favorite tracks on his upcoming album. “It means so much to me that this interpolation was approved.The track will be featured on his third LP, Sometimes Sorry Isn’t Enough, out April 16 and available to preorder here.

Novus – “Water Under The Bridge”

For fans of: Bad Omens, Wage War, August Burns Red 

Metalcore quintet Novus want listeners to know it’s OK to let go of your past in “Water Under The Bridge.” Eccentric roars are accompanied by reverberating riffs that shake you to the core. The track is the final installment of a series of singles the band have released over the past year, beginning with “Hopeless” and moving on with “Reflect” and “Mythomania” featuring Void Of Vision’s Jack Bergin. Drummer/lyricist Jon Prestage says the track focuses on moving on. “It’s easy to get caught up in what is happening at the time and the different emotions connected to those moments,” he says. “At the end of the day, how many of them really matter? What’s happened has happened, and you can choose to let it consume you or move on and become a better version of yourself for it.” 

Wavy Trees – “I Wanna Go Out”

For fans of: Trash Boat, Goldfinger, IDLES

Capturing their emotions felt during the pandemic, Wavy Trees make the phrase we’ve all been saying for the past year into an upbeat punk anthem. “I Wanna Go Out” encompasses the frustrations of staying isolated and turns them into raging guitar riffs and progressions. Though the track was written before the coronavirus outbreak, the band thought it didn’t make sense, so they changed a few of the words to fit the times. “We are basically just talking about the frustration of being stuck inside our own cages and stuck in our heads—the thoughts that hold us back from our full potential as humans,” vocalist Zack “Moondog” Smith says. “Sometimes the only thing holding us back are our own selves, and we need to shake that loose and just go for it.” Produced by Jay Baumgardner (Sevendust, Papa Roach), the track serves as the group’s debut single with NRG Studios.

World’s First Cinema – “The Woods”

For fans of: X Ambassadors, Barns Courtney, Moon Taxi

World’s First Cinema take fans on an expedition through “The Woods” with swaying vocals and atmospheric progressions. The band—Fil Thorpe (ex-Neck Deep) and John Sinclair (Saint Claire)—hope the track will take listeners on a journey, much like they’d experience while reading a book or watching a movie. “[The track] acts as the first offering in a universe-building lore inspired by the band’s obsession with horror movies and Dungeons & Dragons,” they say. “The stage is set to swallow listeners into a world synonymous with what we typically see only in books, TV shows and films.” The song is the band’s first release since the Rituals EP dropped in February earlier this year.  

Younger Hunger – “Day Traitor”

For fans of: Weathers, Friday Pilots Club, Super Whatevr

In the second single off their upcoming EP, Crying In The Pit, alt-pop’s Younger Hunger create an airy pop-rock atmosphere with “Day Traitor.” The trio keep their verses simple with light beats and riffs before diving into echoing choruses filled with dreamy progressions. Influenced by groups such as Gorillaz and Odd Future, the band take on a DIY approach to their art, not only in their recording and music video production but in their album and merch designs as well. The track is the band’s second single of the year following “Narcissist” and 2020’s “Pray 4 U.”


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