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DS Record Radar: This Week In Punk Vinyl (AFI “Shut Your Mouth…” bootleg, Green Day “Kerplunk” repress, Record Store Day 2024 & More!)

Greetings, and welcome to the Dying Scene Record Radar. If it’s your first time here, thank you for joining us! This is the weekly* column where we cover all things punk rock vinyl; new releases, reissues… you name it, we’ve probably got it. Kick off your shoes, pull up a chair, crack open a cold […]



Greetings, and welcome to the Dying Scene Record Radar. If it’s your first time here, thank you for joining us! This is the weekly* column where we cover all things punk rock vinyl; new releases, reissues… you name it, we’ve probably got it. Kick off your shoes, pull up a chair, crack open a cold one, and break out those wallets, because it’s go time and this week’s Record Radar is fucking yuuuuuuge. Let’s get into it!

Check out the video edition of this week’s Record Radar, presented by our friends at Punk Rock Radar:

AFI’s Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes has been out of print since 2015, but it seems there’s a new unofficial pressing, potentially on yellow colored vinyl, making the rounds. I’ve seen this pop up at Death13ss Records a few times in the past week and it sells out really quick every time. If you’re chasing this record as hard as I’ve been, your best bet is to Favorite the product page on their Shopify store to be alerted if/when more copies are in stock.

How about some officially sanctioned releases? Kourtney Kardashian’s husband’s old band The Aquabats’ first three records are getting some snazzy colored vinyl reissues. Coming to a record store near you on May 24th, it’s The Return of The Aquabats! (on wax for the first time), The Fury of The Aquabats! (previously out of print for 6 years) & The Aquabats Vs. The Floating Eye of Death! (also on vinyl for the first time ever). You can pre-order all three records here.

St. Louis’ Wes Hoffman & Friends are releasing their new album How It Should Be this coming Friday, February 23rd. Jump Start Records has two sweet color variants as well as black wax on their webstore, while Canada’s Wrecking Crew Records has an exclusive coke bottle clear variant (their store seems to be down but I guess you can message them on Instagram to buy a copy if you want that variant). Check out the latest single below! Highly recommended listening for fans of newer MxPx.

Here’s something cool! Washington, DC label For Love of Records is putting out a yuge Dischord Records tribute compilation featuring local bands covering songs by Minor Threat, Dag Nasty, Jawbox, etc. Head over to their Bandcamp where you can listen to the whole thing and pre-order the 2xLP titled DC Does Dischord on some really awesome looking color variants.

Bracket’s 1994 debut album Forestville St 924 is being reissued by SBAM Records in honor of its 30th birthday. There are two color variants – blue marbled & white marbled – supposedly limited to 50 copies each, which I feel like has to be a typo considering these have been up for pre-order for over a week and haven’t sold out. Either that or this is the least in-demand reissue of a record that’s been out of print for 30 years. Anyway, get your copy here!

After giving their new single “Still” one listen, German melodic punk band For Heads Down went from being a band I’d inexplicably never heard of, to a band with one of my most anticipated records of 2024. The band’s self titled album is due out on April 19th, with Thousand Islands Records handling the US release and Disconnect Disconnect Records spreading it throughout Europe. Check out that single below and buy this record!!!

British ska-punks Call Me Malcolm have a new album called Echoes and Ghosts coming out on March 1st via Bad Time Records. Check out the latest single below and get the record here on a color variant that is equally as beautiful as its name is long: Electric Blue w/ Bone & Red Splatter. The band has another variant with a slightly less impressive character count (Electric Blue / Red color-in-color) available on their webstore as well. Members of the Bad Time Record Club will be receiving their own exclusive variant via snail mail next month, too.

Face to Face gave the very polarizing Ignorance is Bliss its first-ever vinyl release a few years ago (now that I think of it 2019 was actually 5 years ago, is that a few?). That was a 2xLP release and I remember it selling out fast as fuck. Anyway, now they’re reissuing the record for its 25th Anniversary and it’s a 4×10″ release this time. There are 3 color variants – Graphite, Cyan Blue & Doublemint – with 1,000 copies total. The price? 60 fuckin’ smackers. I’ll pass, but maybe you want it: send your money here.

Green Day’s Kerplunk is back in print for the first time in a long time. For some reason this record hasn’t gotten a repress since 2014 and I don’t mean to alarm any of you but that was a fuckin’ decade ago. Sheesh. Anyway, Kerplunk’s back on the menu! 1-2-3-4 Go! Records seems to be the place where this is most readily available online, but I’ve seen a few rekkid stores posting that copies have started to trickle in, so maybe your local store has it? Perchance.

If you like the Flatliners or mid-period Millencolin, you should check out Scotland’s Cold Years! They’ve got a new record called A Different Life coming out on April 26th. Check out the lead single “Roll With It” below and go here to pre-order the record on Half Black, Half Blood Red with White Splatter colored vinyl (say that 10 times fast!).

Fat Music for Fat People turns 30 in the year of our lord 2024, so naturally it’s time for a repress. This has been out of print (on colored vinyl at least) since 2012, so Fat’s US store sold out of the standalone LP pretty much immediately. They do have some Colored LP + Shirt bundles left, however (as well as black wax), and you can still get it on colored vinyl from their Australian webstore.

After whetting our whistles with a 20th anniversary compilation album last year, Belgian punks the Priceduifkes have announced a new album with new songs! Dancing Dirty comes out on March 15th on Striped Records, who you can purchase the record from here if you’re in Europe, or you like paying a lot to ship records to the US. If you don’t like paying a lot to ship records to the US, you’re in luck! Our friends at Mom’s Basement Records are selling this record, in the US! Also be sure to add that awesome new Odorants record to your cart before checking out.

Have you heard about the new Hot Water Music album? No? Well, let me tell you about the new Hot Water Music album. It’s called Vows and it’s due out May 10th on Equal Vision Records. There’s a bunch of color variants for this one, some of which have already sold out. You can find links to all the places you can purchase them with your preferred fiat currency here.

A bunch of dudes from Voodoo Glow Skulls (who, fun fact, I recently learned have blocked Dying Scene on all their social media accounts lmao), Death By Stereo and a few other bands have a new band called Mutiny. Their debut EP is being released by Ska Punk International as a 12” with a 30 page manga for the weebs. The first pressing is limited to 300 copies and that shit sold the fuck out. Maybe there’ll be a second pressing? I have no clue. Stay tuned!

Asbestos Records is releasing a split 7” from The Homeless Gospel Choir and Dissidente, both covering Dead Milkmen songs. There are three different splatter variants, each of which looks sick as hell and is limited to 250 copies. Get it here.

As if The Offspring didn’t already have enough Greatest Hits album, here’s another one! Puck Punks: Powerplay Hits was released as part of the Anaheim Ducks’ Come Out and Play Night with The Offspring!. It’s limited to 1,000 copies on orange vinyl and features “Want You Bad”, “All I Want”, and a few shitty songs from Let The Bad Times Roll. Surprisingly, “Come Out and Play” is omitted from the tracklist. People are trying to sell this piece of shit for $100+ on discogs, but you can get it from the Anaheim Ducks Team Store for the somewhat more justifiable price of $34.95.

The full release list for the 2024 our third favorite retail holiday Record Store Day was just announced. I gotta say, the lineup is actually pretty impressive this time around, and there’s quite a few releases on tap for the punk rock-centric collector. The full list can be found here, but these are the ones I think you guys will be interested in picking up:

Speaking of the Offspring, here’s another Offspring record! You can’t buy this one right now though, you gotta wait til Record Store Day (April 20th, 2024 for those who are unaware). It’s a 20th Anniversary reissue of Splinter, limited to 2,500 copies on… wait for it! Picture disc. For some reason. This record’s a bitch to come by though, so I’ll probably pay $35 for it or whatever the fuck they wanna hawk this shit for.

It wouldn’t be Record Store Day without the Ramones estate repackaging previously released material for the 20th time to top up their bank accounts. But hey, I’m not complaining, I eat this shit up every time! RSD 2024 blesses us with The 1975 Sire Demos, which is exactly what it sounds like: a bunch of early Ramones demos. Limited*** to 13,500 copies (lol) on ua-clear w/ black splatter vinyl. In the extremely unlikely case that Mickey Leigh or Linda Ramone happen to be reading this, I beg you, please reissue the following: Acid Eaters, Mondo Bizarro, Adios Amigos, Loco Live & We’re Outta Here!. Maybe you can do a 90’s box set? And then double dip with some standalone color variants for each. Hire me for your marketing department! I’ve no shortage of million dollar ideas.

Speaking of double dipping with standalone color variants, look no further than this RSD Exclusive reissue of Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros’ Rock Art and the X-Ray Style. Following last year’s Mescaleros full discography box set (still available for $140 on Amazon btw) is the standalone reissue of this record. I think they did the same with Streetcore, too. Anyway, I guess if you just want this record this is a good value proposition for you. It’s a 2xLP limited to 1,800 copies on pink wax.

The Dead Milkmen’s 1987 album Bucky Fellini has never gotten a repress, until now that is. The record has been remastered and is being reissued as a 2xLP on “Ducky Yellow” colored vinyl, packaged in a snazzy gatefold jacket. The official RSD site says this limited to 4,500 copies… but also says it’s limited to 5,000 copies. You decide what you want to believe.

Frank Turner’s got a new record called Undefeated coming out in May, but he’s also got a 7” featuring a song from that record – “Girl from the Record Shop” – coming out a few weeks early for Record Store Day. This 7” is limited to 2,000 copies and is also gonna include a B-Side called “All Night Crew”.

Here’s a real fuckin’ big time reissue. Unwritten Law’s debut album Blue Room is getting released on vinyl for the first time ever, 30 years after its original release. It’s limited to 939 copies on navy blue colored vinyl and is branded as a “RSD First” Release, which leaves the door open for other variants down the line (and I’m sure there will be many). I’m pretty excited for this one and it’s probably going to be enough motivation to line up early outside the local store.

I feel like I’ve heard the name The Didjits before (it sounds familiar anyway) but I’d never listened to these guys until now. This shit’s bad ass! They’ve got a Double LP called Strictly Dynamite: The Best of Didjits coming out on Record Store Day. It’s limited to 1,500 copies on 180g green vinyl and includes a bunch of rare bonus tracks and shit (all of which would have been new to me regardless since I’d never heard of the Didjits lol). Editor’s note: Actually I take that back, the Offspring covered “Killboy Powerhead”, so I guess I’ve kinda sorta heard at least one Didjits song before.

The last Record Store Day 2024 release I’ll be featuring in this week’s Record Radar is 40 Years of Kepi & The Groovie Ghoulies, which is doing double duty as a greatest hits collection for both the Groovie Ghoulies and their fearless frontman-turned-solo artist Kepi Ghoulie. It’s a Double LP set with an orange record and a purple one, limited to 900 copies. Hey Kepi, Let’s Go! to the record store and buy this bad ass record!

Wrapping things up, I thought I’d do something a little different on this week’s Record Radar: featuring a CD release! Yes, you read that right, compact disc. Those are pretty fucking cool, too. Especially when they’re released by an awesome band from your hometown that you didn’t know existed until your friend in New York told you about them. Clearwater, Florida’s Toe Knife kicks ass. Their new EP Endless Cycle kicks ass. It’d be pretty kick ass if you checked it out and bought the CD (or maybe just buy the digital download if you don’t share my affection for shiny little plastic discs).

Well, that’s all, folks. Another Record Radar in the books. As always, thank you for tuning in. If there’s anything we missed (highly likely), or if you want to let everyone know about a new/upcoming vinyl release you’re excited about, leave us a comment below, or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram, and we’ll look into it. Enjoy your weekend, and don’t blow too much money on spinny discs (or do, I’m not your father). See ya next time!

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