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Ear Nutrition Presents: 15 (Melodic) Punk Bands from the UK to Check Out in 2021


featured-ear-nutritionAlthough the UK scene is very much a part of the greater European scene and just as much of an integral part as any of the national scenes on the continent, it is often the case that some bands are unheard of outside of the islands. The previous year of “what”, also referred to as […]



At the time of which I am tapping the keys that are making the words you are reading, I have an article on this band in my ‘to write list’. So you may see me mention this Portsmouth band again, you never know. I digress, On A Hiding To Nothing caused somewhat of a stir in 2020. 

The band surprised everyone in 2020 with their first single in three years, simply titled, Dave. The single was themed around the bitterly ironic and senseless patriotism of the British to a government that is slowly destroying the country. Dave moans about them, whinges about it all and then blindly follows. Dave is a mess and he is sardonically and sarcastically deconstructed by On A Hiding To Nothing in an insanely quotable manner. Dave is—‘Just another happy turkey voting for Christmas’. 

Musically, if you take the brash, cheeky, sarcastic but earnest conviction of the British rendition of the legacy of Epi-Fat, namely Consumed and Phinius Gage and in reality countless more, you will arrive with On A Hiding To Nothing. In February 2021, Dave resurfaced again with eleven more tracks. On A Hiding To Nothing unleashed a 12-track album of fast, vintage but ultra-refined and skilful precision-cut technically-inclined skate punk, that was rife with more hooks than you can skate a punk at. The band laced all this with an intelligent commentary on the modern world and UK alike in a way that, again, just appeared and took the punk scene by a pleasure-inducing surprise. We’ll Probably Be Fine is an album you cannot afford to miss in 2021 and what makes it all the better, is that the band have a fantastic back-catalogue. The UK’s skate punk scene may be smaller but its quality is at the top of its game.


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