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Editors’ Picks: Check out these cool new bands in 2023!

The annual tradition continues! The Punknews staff and editors have rounded up a crop of cool new bands that they like a lot! As always, this is not a definitive “the best new bands of 2023″… it’s just a list of new bands that we like a lot. You can check out the list below and by all means, add your pick in the comments!




VOSH merge post-punk with goth and create a loud, heavy, dark crunch. Think the first ministry album crossed with This Mortal Coil. Their debut LP, Vessel is surprisingly complete and finds the band flitting from synch-wash to full on guitar attack, all while the band sounds spoOoOoOoky… and elegant. -John Gentile

Taxi Girls

Montreal, QC
Montreal-based Taxi Girls, made up of Jamie Radu and Lynn Poulin of Pale Lips and Vera Bozickovic, formed in 2022 and have been kicking ass ever since. The trio effortlessly blend classic punk rock with garage rock and power pop to create a sound so full of life that you can’t help but sing and dance along (especially when you listen to the bright, high energy rocker “Sunshine”). The band have been killing it on stage all across Canada since they formed and are ready to show the world what they’re made of on their excellent debut EP Coming Up Roses. Taxi Girls are incredibly fierce, incredibly fun, and are one of the bands propelling punk rock to new heights. Check them out today and do not miss them when they come through your town. -Em Moore

Home Front

Edmonton, AB, Canada
I’ve seen these guys get some love in the Navel Gazing threads around here, but for anyone who isn’t hip to them yet, Home Front combines memorable and varied songwriting with a wide range of late 70s/early 80s electronic influences to make them a standout of the (post-?)post-punk resurgence of the past few years. Their Think of the Lie EP from late 2021 was a great showing from a band who I’m pretty sure had not even played a show yet when it was released, and their debut full length Games of Power is a strong contender for my favorite album of 2023. Among other things, it’s got a punk anthem with a huge chorus in “Nation” (featuring a guest vocal spot from The Chisel’s Cal Graham), a Suicide homage in “Born Killer”, and the “what if…?” follow-up to the Misfits’ “Cough/Cool” that you never knew you wanted in “New Face of Death”. They’re playing some North American dates with the also-great Poison Ruïn this summer, so make sure to hit those shows early if you’re going out. -BP “LordOfTheLeftHand”

Bruise Control

Manchester, UK
The members of Bruise Control have been making quite the impact on the UK’s DIY punk scene for the last few years. Their sound has been described as, “sitting somewhere between 00’s indie and ‘80s hardcore,” and that’s pretty spot on. The band has no issue having a jangly indie-ish tune followed by an aggressive harcore song on their 2023 album, Useless For Something. It all fits together so well as one cohesive record and yet it’s wonderfully chaotic. Their live shows look absolutely wild so hopefully they will start to do some extensive touring soon. Fans of Amyl And The Sniffers, The Lollies, C.O.F.F.I.N, and Private Function should definitely check out Bruise Control. -Ricky Frankel

Bogside Sniper Squadron

Francis of Cape of Bats and Integrity returns to his ancient and not-so-ancient roots and stacks black metal growls over Thin Lizzy soaring riffs. It’s chaotic and a weird juxtaposition, but it’s also an unsettling combination that in its incongruity, sounds positively demonic. Spooky hardcore is in these days, and this is some of the most interesting and unique of the lot. The only question is- is this a fun diversion or a permanent band? As they say in Galway, De reir a cheile a thogtar na caisleain! -John G

No Plan

Southern California
It’s not very often that the lead vocalist of a hardcore band takes a totally unexpected turn and forms a pop-punk band. Well, that’s exactly what Eva Hall, formerly of Rats In The Wall and currently of Power Alone did. Last year, No Plan released their somewhat under-the-radar EP that consists of five infectiously catchy tunes that fans of her other projects will be pleasantly surprised by. The self-titled release is filled to the brim with Hall’s signature fierce vocals, blaring guitars, and politically and socially conscious lyrics. It’s a great take on angry pop-punk. I think that fans of bands like Debt Neglector, The Lippies, Direct Hit!, and Galactic Cannibal especially should give No Plan a shot. -Ricky Frankel


Ottawa, ON
Zeal are rewriting the rules to heaviness. The Ottawa-based band are kicking out frenetic, thrashy, crust punk that will make you want to smash stuff. So far they have a four song EP called Demonstration 2022 and all four tracks are absolute rippers. They demand to be played loud and it is impossible not to join into the chants of “Dread Dream” and “Deadly Order” on their songs of the same name. When you listen to Zeal, the urge to mosh is stronger than ever. They will turn you into a human Beyblade, even if you’re just listening in you room. -Em Moore


Pittsburgh, PA
Princess’ self-titled debut EP opens with a sample from the 1998 movie Pi. The tagline for that movie was “There will be no order, only chaos” and the Pittsburgh-based hardcore band more than live up to that statement on the rest of their EP. The five tracks are chock full of metal-tinged, rage-filled hardcore punk that rails against the corrupt, racist, hypocrisy-laden society we live in. Princess are one of the most exciting new hardcore punk bands out there. Listen at once. -Em Moore

White Collar

Victoria, BC
Victoria, BC-based White Collar, made up of members of Bootlicker, Headcheese, and Crosshairs, came together in 2022 and they absolutely kick ass. They take elements of crust punk, hardcore, and garage rock and create a fun, frenzied, angry sound that is sure to get you moving. Their four-song Demo rips by in roughly three minutes in a whirlwind of hectic, hard-hitting drumming, restless guitars, and lyrics dripping with sarcasm. White Collar’s Demo clocks in at roughly three minutes and will leave you wanting more. -Em Moore

Destiny Bond

Denver, CO
Destiny Bond came together in 2021 and wasted no time introducing themselves to the world on their Demo which was released within a few months of forming. The Denver-based hardcore punk band solidified their lineup on their 2022 Promo and released their debut LP Be My Vengeance earlier this year. With each release, the band perfect their mix of hardcore punk ferocity and classic punk melodies. Lyrically they tackle the importance of community, the vital importance of trans pride, and the significance of being true to yourself, all while pushing you towards self-growth and self-empowerment. If you haven’t heard Destiny Bond yet, press play on Be My Vengeance and fix that at once. -Em Moore


Barceona, Spain
“Time is an illusion, it doesn’t exist!” howls Metrics on their debut tape. the band locks high powered synth-punk into and thrashing, punk attack. The band is fast and aggressive, but also catchy. At several points on the tape, the band breaks down into sheer cacophony and self-destructs. But, they also seem to resurrect as a neo-retro synth pop band. It’s dangerous AND fun.-John G

Hunting Lions

Santa Rosa, CA
Veterans of Santa Cruz and Sonoma County, Pirates Press Records’ supergroup Hunting Lions are the talk of the Bay Area underground street punk scene. Comprised of former members of iconic bands like The Swingin’ Utters, Roadside Bombs, The Beltones, US Bombs, Tiger Army, and more, Hunting Lions follow in the footsteps of predecessors like Rancid and Dead Kennedys, borne of life long friendships within the local music scene. Already a hot commodity on Bandcamp, their releases are selling out quickly (including their debut LP on vinyl) and feature themes heavily centered around local current issues and the city of San Francisco itself: gentrification, the wage gap, and an ever longed for sense of working class freedom. Perfect for fans of Booze and Glory, Lion’s Law, The Drowns. – Rose Eden

Title Holder

Queens, NY
Life long pop punk band member and leader Matt Sullivan wanted to try out something new during the pandemic and decided his hand at writing ska songs. By 2021 Titleholder had emerged, paying homage to legacy east coast ska punk bands like Less Than Jake and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones while also weaving in copious amounts of early 1990’s Southern California third wave influences. But don’t get me wrong – Sublime this band is not as they well represent one of the dazzling newer NYC Ska bands currently emerging from the city’s underground music scene. Catchy, melodic, charming, energizing, nostalgic, and endearing, there’s something really special about this band that’s easy to articulate, even if hard to put my finger on specifically. Perhaps it’s a heightened level of musicianship, or the many very nuanced ways their dually creative and eye-catching music videos have garnered them a devoted following that’s both quickly and steadily growing by the day. Titleholder just dropped their first full length LP on Jump Start Records, and they have a vinyl edition of the album with 7 additional bonus tracks slated to release on June 2, 2023. – Rose Eden

The Dissidents

Philadelphia, Pa
Wooo weee! This band rips like a revved Chevy g30! My cousin Duane super charged his in ’87 and you can still see the skidmarks in front of The locust crest tavern! They’ve got a fast political song and one that’s got a slow march and it’s political, too! Last week I marched into work and blasted it into my boss’ office from my boombox. Take that, Butch! Well anyway, this band is one of the best playing fast punk rock! Let ’em rip!!! -Gene the Van Guy



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