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From the Terraces to Your Stereo: 10 Punk Football Songs ⚽



Football and music. A rich history. And punk has played its part.  In connection with the article “Outplaying the Jocks”, we’ve compiled a personal top ten (in no particular order) and added three bonus tracks. Let’s go! Los Fastidios, “Antifa Hooligans” The punk football anthem, a top-notch sing-along brought to you by Virtus Verona’s most […]

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You gotta love this. Steineckert has been drumming for Rancid since 2006. This is a straightforward, enthralling tribute to his hometown club Real Salt Lake.

Bonus Tracks:

⚽ Maldita Vecindad, “Fut Callejero (Pura Diversión)”

Catchy and down with the “football of the streets”, Mexico’s ska rock legends are showing the way.

⚽ Vaudeville Smash feat. Les Murray, “Zinedine Zidane”

Punk with a stretch, but independent. The Australian funk disco wizards of Vaudeville Smash team up with legendary Aussie sports broadcaster Les Murray to deliver an oddly intriguing song about football greats, with a video to match.

⚽ Matt Fishel, “Football Song”

Pop-punk? Post-punk? Emo? Not sure, but Matt Fishel ties football to all important questions about sexual identity and orientation.


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