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Front 242 Announce Farewell “Black Out Tour” — Their Final Shows Celebrating a 40-Year Legacy of EBM

After a groundbreaking 40-plus-year journey that shaped the electronic body music (EBM) landscape, Belgian legends Front 242 have decided to take their final bow on the live stage. The band…

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After a groundbreaking 40-plus-year journey that shaped the electronic body music (EBM) landscape, Belgian legends Front 242 have decided to take their final bow on the live stage. The band made the announcement on Saturday, February 24, 2024, aligning with International EBM Day—a nod to their significant impact on the genre.

The “Black Out” tour is set for a global journey, commencing on August 4 in Lokeren, Belgium, at the Lokerse Feesten and spanning iconic festivals and venues across Europe and the United States. The tour’s U.S. leg starts on September 6 in St. Petersburg, Florida, with notable stops in Philadelphia, Cleveland, Los Angeles, and notably, Chicago. In Chicago, Front 242 will make two special appearances presented by Cold Waves, underscoring the deep connection between Front 242 and Chicago, a city that has played a significant role in the band’s international success.

Following the U.S. dates, the tour will extend its international leg, visiting countries like Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden, France, the UK, and Spain, before reaching its poignant conclusion with three final concerts in January 2025, including a grand finale in Front 242’s hometown of Brussels, Belgium, at the Ancienne Belgique (AB) on the 24th and 25th.

Patrick Codenys, Jean-Luc De Meyer, and Richard 23, the core trio behind Front 242’s enduring legacy, shared their mixed emotions about concluding their remarkable journey.

“It is with a heavy mix of emotion that we close this great adventure, some 40 years in the making,” they stated, adding: “We realize that ending our journey at this time, when we are still vibrant and full of energy is how the band should be remembered. We are excited to share these meaningful final performances with our wonderful fans who have been with us through it all.”

The announcement, perfectly timed with International EBM Day, underscores the band’s deep connection to the EBM community and its history. Tickets for this historic tour will be available starting March 1, with more details on the band’s official website.

In a fitting tribute to their storied relationship, WAX TRAX! RECORDS is orchestrating an unforgettable FRONT 242 / CHICAGO VIP WEEK – Final Fan Experience, celebrating 40 years since the label first introduced Front 242 to the U.S. audience. This week-long homage, from November 11-17, 2024, is a heartfelt farewell to the band, featuring a plethora of events designed to showcase Front 242’s monumental impact on music history.

The VIP week in Chicago will offer an array of exclusive experiences, separate from the band’s final U.S. shows (tickets not included). Fans can look forward to unique opportunities such as a private bus tour of Chicago guided by Richard 23 & Julia Nash, exclusive access to a sound check, and a promotional-only reissue of “Endless Riddance” with an alternate cover. Additional highlights include a FRONT 242 retrospective exhibit, a special screening of the Wax Trax! documentary followed by a Q&A session with the band, access to the CLUB FRONT 242 pop-up bar, and intimate meet-and-greet sessions.

These VIP packages not only offer unprecedented access to the band but also include collectible items like a limited edition poster, a tote bag, a commemorative laminate, and a special 2024 ticket for the final U.S. shows. It’s a comprehensive celebration that honors the legacy of Front 242 and their pivotal role in shaping the industrial and EBM genres.

WAX TRAX! takes immense pride in having been the gateway for Front 242’s introduction to the American music scene. The label is now poised to give the band a grand send-off, marking the end of an era with the celebration they truly deserve. As Front 242 bids farewell with their ‘FRONT BYE FRONT’ tour, fans are invited to partake in this historic moment.

For those interested in the VIP FINAL WEEK or the band’s concluding performances, detailed ticket information can be found at the following links:

A Look Back at Front 242’s Trailblazing Path

In the annals of electronic music, few names are as synonymous with innovation and influence as Front 242. Their journey began in 1981 in Belgium, a time when the electronic music landscape was ripe for revolution. The band’s founding member, Daniel B., set the tone with the single “Body to Body,” laying a foundation that would soon support an entirely new genre.

The arrival of Patrick Codenys and Jean-Luc De Meyer for the band’s inaugural album, Geography, in 1982, marked the true genesis of Front 242’s iconic sound. With Richard 23 joining in 1983, the group’s lineup solidified, and their collective vision began to crystallize. Front 242 wasn’t just creating music; they were crafting a sonic and visual experience that transcended traditional performance art.

Front 242’s commitment to autonomy in their recording and graphic endeavors allowed them to forge a distinct identity, both sonically and visually. This independence was crucial in cultivating a unique stage presence that captivated audiences across Europe, laying the groundwork for their international acclaim.

The mid-1980s saw Front 242’s sound resonate across the Atlantic, with their signing to Chicago’s Wax Trax! Records marking the beginning of their profound impact on the American music scene. The EP Take One, released in 1984, was the first taste of Front 242 for many U.S. fans, leading to a widespread and fervent following.

As EBM began to spread its electronic tendrils across Europe, Front 242 stood at the forefront, their live performances becoming legendary for their energy and intensity. Albums like No Comment (1985), Official Version (1987), and Front By Front (1988) are considered cornerstones of the genre, with tracks like “Headhunter” and “Welcome to Paradise” becoming anthems of the EBM movement.

The 1990s saw Front 242 pushing their creative boundaries even further with Tyranny For You, Up Evil, and Off. These albums marked a departure from their established sound, incorporating new vocalists, live instruments, and innovative production techniques, courtesy of Andy Wallace. This era signified a willingness to evolve and adapt, ensuring their music remained as dynamic and relevant as ever.

Following a hiatus, Front 242’s return to the stage in the late ’90s, alongside German drummer Tim Kroker, reinvigorated their live presence. This period also saw the release of live albums that captured the essence of their performances, reflecting the band’s continuous evolution and the ever-changing nature of their setlists.

In the early 2000s, with the release of Still & Raw and Pulse, Front 242 revisited the raw, analogue sounds that had initially defined them, now enriched by decades of experience and technological advancements. This return to their roots, coupled with a forward-thinking approach, underscored the band’s enduring appeal and influence.

Front 242’s decision to eschew the traditional album-release-followed-by-tour cycle in recent years speaks to their pioneering spirit. They continue to captivate audiences worldwide, not with the promise of new material, but with the sheer power and integrity of their performances.

As Front 242 embarks on their final tour, they leave behind a legacy that is as much about the future as it is about their storied past. Their contributions to electronic music are indelible, having inspired countless artists and fans across the globe. Front 242’s journey may be coming to an end, but their influence will reverberate for generations to come.

Front 242’s Lasting Impact and Final Farewell

As Front 242 prepares for their final tour, it’s clear that their departure will leave a significant void in the EBM and industrial scenes. However, their decision to end on a high note, while still at the forefront of their artistic powers, is a testament to their integrity and commitment to their fans.

The ‘One Last Time’ tour is not just a farewell; it’s a celebration of a band that has consistently pushed the boundaries of music and live performance. For fans old and new, this tour offers a chance to experience the raw energy and innovative spirit that have defined Front 242 for over four decades.

For tour dates and ticket information and to join in celebrating the legacy of Front 242, visit

FRONT 242 “Black Out” Tour Dates
  • AUGUST 2024
    • 04: Belgium, Lokeren – Lokerse Feesten
    • 10: Germany, Hildesheim – M’Era Luna
  • SEPTEMBER 2024
    • 06: USA, Florida, St. Petersburg – Jannus Live
    • 07: USA, Philadelphia – Union Transfer
    • 08: USA, Cleveland – Agora Theatre
    • 13: USA, Los Angeles – Mayan Theatre
    • 14: USA, Portland – Roseland Theater
    • 15: USA, San Francisco – Great American Music Hall
  • OCTOBER 2024
    • 12: Germany, Hamburg – Markthalle
    • 17: The Netherlands, Utrecht – Tivoli Vredenburg, Ronda
    • 18: Germany, Berlin – Huxleys Neue Welt
    • 19: Germany, Oberhausen – Turbinenhalle
    • 25: Germany, München – Backstage
    • 26: Germany, Langen – Neue Stadthalle
  • NOVEMBER 2024
    • 07: USA, Houston – Rise Rooftop
    • 08: USA, Dallas – Granada Theater
    • 09: USA, Denver – ReelWorks
    • 15: USA, Chicago – Metro
    • 16: USA, Chicago – Metro
    • 29: Sweden, Göteborg – Film Studios (FutureRetro)
    • 30: Sweden, Stockholm – Berns (FutureRetro)
  • DECEMBER 2024
    • 06: France, Lille – The Black Lab
    • 07: France, Paris – Le Trianon
    • 08: UK, London – Electric Ballroom
    • 13: Spain, Barcelona – Sala Apolo
    • 14: Spain, Madrid – Sala La Paqui
    • 25: Germany, Chemnitz – Dark Storm Festival
  • JANUARY 2025
    • 10: Denmark, Copenhagen – Pumpehuset
    • 24: Belgium, Brussels – Ancienne Belgique (AB)
    • 25: Belgium, Brussels – Ancienne Belgique (AB)

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