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Self Care Club Presents: Collab Playlist – April ’21

Happy April everyone. Somehow, it’s colder than it was last month. We at PT Towers even got snowed in. How the hell does that happen in April? I guess the major point we’re making is that it’s freezing and we don’t know what to do. It’s like the sun is tricking us and we hate […]



Happy April everyone. Somehow, it’s colder than it was last month. We at PT Towers even got snowed in. How the hell does that happen in April? I guess the major point we’re making is that it’s freezing and we don’t know what to do. It’s like the sun is tricking us and we hate it. On a plus side, as we edge towards normality, the pubs are open (sort of). With that in mind, we’ve updated the playlist to include a selection of songs that would be ideal for winding up the other visitors at your local beer garden.

With recommendations from our Patrons, as well as a few staff ones thrown in, we’ve built our playlist with love and care, to bring a selection of tracks that we recommend, with highlights below. So why don’t you take a listen to the compilation whilst browsing over the Self Care Club. You’re only a few short clicks from joining, so get involved and join the fun.

Bloody Hammers – ‘Twilight Zone’

While the latest album from the North Carolina gothic duo released in January this year leaned more on the Misfits-influenced horror punk side of their sound, this standalone single also incorporates lots of the Doom and Psychedelia that is found on 2019’s “The Summoning”. If all that sounds right up your street, give it a spin, the hooks will snare you in and you won’t be able to get its catchy chorus out of your head. One that’s going straight in my Halloween playlist for later this year.


Metronomy – ‘You Could Easily Have Me’

Sure, they might be an electro band, but you can’t tell me this doesn’t have that grottiness that’s presence is all punk music. Borderline nauseating, it flows like a spilled beer at Wetherspoons, taking weird twists and turns. Fully instrumental, and leaning heavily into synths, it’s easy to imagine this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but the melodies are interesting enough to hold the attention. Come, we’re on a journey.


Gvllow – ‘Nightmare’

This LA-based rapper is part of SoCal’s goth underground, and his debut solo record released last year was a a mix of 80s goth/post-punk/darkwave and trap metal in the vein of $uicideboy$ and Ghostemane. His latest EP goes all in on the former influences, and the second track is without a doubt the highlight. It has all the qualities that fans of Bauhaus and The Cure will lap up, and it would sound right at home in London’s iconic Slimelight once it opens its doors to clubbers again


snake eyes – ‘skeletons’

Dropping their first EP this year, named after this song, this is a sound that immediately resonates with me. It’s punchy, it’s layered, and there’s more grit than the cement aisle at B&Q. Does that analogy work? Doesn’t matter, I’m sticking with it. If this is what they’re able to throw out on their first proper release, there’s plenty of space for them to dominate. Personality shines through, the chorus has a lazy charm to it that will quite easily get crowds absolutely pumped. More of this please.


Haunt – ‘Beautiful Distraction’

New bands playing NOWBHM-inspired classic heavy metal can often be hit or miss in the overall quality, but when a band hits the sweet spot, it’s an absolutely joyous occasion. The title track from the constantly creative Fresno band’s new album – their fourth LP in as many years – does just that with melody galore and one of my favourite singalong choruses of the year so far.


Kim Jarvis – ‘Satellites’

Fans of Gaffa Tape Sandy will know this, but Kim Jarvis has the voice of an angel. Okay, ‘angel’ might be hyperbole, but it’s as distinctive as it is comforting. Stepping away from GTS to release his own solo material, ‘Satellites’ is decisively slowed down, but still maintains a delicate charm. It’s melodies plant a tiny seed of adoration that germinates from like to love with ease. Give it time, and the love will be as strong and sturdy as Jack’s big ol’ beanstalk. Not a euphemism.


Burial Waves – ‘Light Heads’

How good is it to hear back. This song dropped middle of March (at time of writing… today) and immediately got stuck on repeat. Heartbreakingly frank, Kyle Durfey ‘s vocal are mesmerising, cushioned between it thunderous rhythms and delicate harmonies. The Piano Become The Teeth frontman creates a real balance that allows both room to breathe, and an almost suffocation within the instrumentation. If this is a clue to an upcoming album, you can be damn sure I’ll be all over it like the absolute measles.


Wode – ‘Fire In The Hills’

Cards on the table, Black Metal usually isn’t my thing, and I’m far from the only person in that bracket. It’s a sound many find inaccessible, whether due to the lyrical delivery or the production found in the second wave of BM bands from Norway. However it’s the production on this Manchester outfit’s third record that’s making them one of the rising stars of the extreme underground, and opens a door for the likes of me who wouldn’t make it through 30 seconds of a classic Mayhem record. The impending intro on this song builds with the pomp of a Metallica slow number, before hitting a big ol’ gallop and going full throttle with the extremity. Love it.


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