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Wolverine to release first new music in six years!

Swedish prog metallers Wolverine will release soundtrack to A Darkened Sun in February



Swedish prog metal quintet Wolverine have announced a physical vinyl release for their A Darkened Sun soundtrack, which was released digitally through Sensory Records last year. It’s the first new music from the band since 2016’s Machina Viva album, and will be available from February 25.

A Darkened Sun was written, directed, filmed, and produced by Thomas Jansson, and features Rebecca Evans as the protagonist. The film tells the story of a young and seemingly lonely woman in distress. Contemplating her existence, she realises she has lost part of herself while succumbing to the expectations of modern society. She then embarks on a somewhat existential journey, and as the narrative unfolds across the story’s four chapters, she is forced to confront her inner self. The storytelling rests heavily on metaphorical expression, with some instances of intertextuality that pays homage to other works.

Wolverine recorded four new songs fo the score, all revolving around a common theme, but each piece of this concept release is open to its own interpretation. It was recorded at SleepyTown Recording by the band’s Marcus Losbjer and Per Henriksson and mixed and mastered by Losbjer.

The deluxe vinyl edition has been cut at 45RPM for maximum audio delivery. It will be available in a worldwide retail run of 300 copies on black vinyl and an extremely limited run of 100 copies on dark red vinyl exclusive to the band and label mailorder.

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(Image credit: Sensory Records)

Wolverine: A Darkened Sun
1. Phoenix Slain
2. The Breach
3. Dead As The Moon
4. Hibernator


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