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40 new artists you need to hear in March

new songs february 2021

Everyone loves to jam out to their favorite artists and classic hits, but let’s not forget about all the fresh talent constantly popping up around the world. From pop and indie to punk and post-hardcore, there’s always a new name in music waiting to be heard.  We know there’s a lot of faces to sift […]

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new songs february 2021
[Photos by: Jynx, Rumours, Sophie and The Giants/Brianna Hebberd, Charlotte Sands/Jacqueline Day, Tetrarch/Guillermo Briceño]

Everyone loves to jam out to their favorite artists and classic hits, but let’s not forget about all the fresh talent constantly popping up around the world. From pop and indie to punk and post-hardcore, there’s always a new name in music waiting to be heard. 

We know there’s a lot of faces to sift through, so we’re here to help. Each month, we’re gathering the best new releases within the past four weeks from artists you may not know and are putting them all in one place. Check out what music you might have missed in February below and follow the AltPress Discover playlist on Spotify to stay up to date on new music. Who knows? You just may find your next favorite band. 

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America Jayne – “My Boyfriend’s Roommate’s Girlfriend”

For fans of: Phoebe Bridgers, Japanese Breakfast, Better Oblivion Community Center

With lively guitar riffs and backbeats, America Jayne reflects on coming to terms with herself on her latest track “My Boyfriend’s Roommate’s Girlfriend.” Made for the LGBTQ+ community, the track details Jayne’s thoughts when she began to feel things for other genders. Catchy and relatable, the pop-rock anthem’s upbeat aesthetic doesn’t take away from the serious message the singer is sending out. “I want to normalize the scary, confusing, and sometimes infuriating journey of discovering your sexuality,” she says. “It’s OK to be confused. It’s OK to question yourself. But, most importantly, it’s OK to be yourself. However unique that may be. Your sexual journey is entirely your own.” The song is Jayne’s first release this year and follows 2020’s three singles “Boy,” “Pretend,” and “Survive.”

BAD CHILD – “$1,000,000”

For fans of: morgxn, slenderbodies, the Palms 

BAD CHILD (Isaiah Steinberg) is gracing us with “$1,000,000,” an otherworldly synthwave jam. Deep basslines vibrate beneath the melodies, while machine-like boops and beeps are scattered throughout. The imagery was made in dedication to those who have been part of his musical journey. “I wanted to make a video to show my love to the people who helped me along the way and the love I have for them,” Steinberg says. “Looking back at these moments really help me center and remind me where we are going and what I want to accomplish in my life.” The track is included on his debut LP, Free Trial, which is available now via Capitol Records.

Bad Visuals – “Closing Doors”

For fans of: Comadre, Pinkshinyultrablast, the Daysleepers

Mixing shoegaze with post-hardcore influences, Bad Visuals create melodic atmospheres fitting of a float through space. In “Closing Doors,” steady drum hits drive the bassline while electric guitar chords ring on the surface. The track is the second single off the band’s upcoming EP, Ravel, and follows lead single “So Broken.” The EP was produced by Sam Pura of the Panda Studios, and drops April 19 via Acrobat Unstable Records

Belle Haven – “Nobody Likes A Hospital”

For fans of: Windwaker, Ocean Sleeper, the Beautiful Monument

Rock quartet Belle Haven start their year off with the release of the personal “Nobody Likes A Hospital.” With powerful guitars and hard-hitting lyrics, the band speak on depression and mental illness the best way they know how. Raging screams are scattered between the verses as the band play through intricate progressions and rhythms. “When you have experienced an awfully long and deep depression, death can begin to feel like the only way out of the pain,” vocalist David De La Hoz says. “Loved ones will try desperately to reason with you, but depression is powerful. It can twist that love and compassion into selfishness. Sometimes the only thing that understands is the paper under my pen.” The track is the first off their forthcoming Time Changes Nothing EP, due out April 16 via Greyscale Records.  

Charlotte Sands – “Special”

For fans of: LØLØ, WENS, Carlie Hanson

Charlotte Sands is sick of hearing that she’s “Special” and lets out her frustrations in her latest single. Alt-rock riffs dominate the chorus as Sands’ melodies cut through the drums with relatable lyrics. The track came about after she went on a date with someone who told her she was “special” but didn’t want to be in a committed relationship with her. “I drove home that night and started to realize how many times I had been called ‘special’ over the years by guys that ended up not wanting to be in a relationship with me,” Sands says. “I wrote ‘I’m so sick of being special’ in my notes. I thought the idea of thinking something is rare but not holding onto it was interesting.” “Special” is the title track to Sands’ debut EP, which is available now.


For fans of: Kid Trash, Alice Gas, d0llywood1

As his first single of 2021, CMTEN’s “ALONE” surrounds you in a distorted bass glitchcore universe of repeats and synths. Techno beats and orchestra bell hits accent each verse while arcadesque sequences line the drops. Featuring RILEY THE MUSICIAN, the track marks his third collaboration with another artist, the first being “NEVER MET!” with Glitch Gum which went viral on TikTok after being used in more than a million videos. 

Dead Poet Society – “.getawayfortheweekend.”

For fans of: cleopatrick, Badflower, Royal Tusk

The latest single off their upcoming LP, Dead Poet Society’s  “.getawayfortheweekend.” features dark riffs that are as sweet as candy. Steady drum hits start the track on with a slow-moving walk until building into the first chorus alongside a dramatic crescendo. “.getawayfortheweekend.” is the quartet’s fourth single off their upcoming debut ! (a.k.a The Exclamation Album.) The album drops March 12 and is available to preorder now.

Digital Eulogy – “Grave” (feat. Jay Maas)

For fans of: Chevelle, Seether, Crossfade

Off Digital Eulogy’s debut EP, Cemetery Flowers, “Grave” channels early 2000s hardcore vibes for a tumultuous track. Featuring Jay Maas, the song contains several ripping breakdowns and deep screams that will echo in your ears long after they’ve finished. Swaying choruses give the listener a brief breath before quick crescendos take the sound to mosh-worthy heights. The effort also marks the band’s debut EP with No Sleep Records. “Grave” is featured alongside their first single, “Collapse.”  

Dreamer Boy – “Easier Said Than Done”

For fans of: Nightly, LANY, flor 

Dreamer Boy dropped the fourth single off his upcoming LP with the hopeful “Easier Said Than Done.” A celebration for friends, the track’s upbeat tune complements vocalist Zach Taylor’s optimistic lyrics. Accompanied by an occasional string of synth beats, the guitar rings out through each chord. “We have to lean on one another in this life and remind each other who we are and what matters,” he says. “I needed to be reminded I couldn’t hold the weight on my own shoulders and that having friends to help bear our burdens is a beautiful part of life.” All The Ways We Are Together drops April 22 and is available for preorder via slowplay/Harvest Records

Future Teens – “Guest Room”

For fans of: Super American, Jetty Bones, the Sonder Bombs

Alongside the announcement of their upcoming EP, Deliberately Alive, Future Teens dropped a fresh emo-pop anthem with “Guest Room.” Lively drums lead the singers through each bright verse. Adorned by a slick guitar solo, the lyrics take on the anxieties of youth and growing up. The new EP follows the band’s 2019 full-length, Breakup Season. The upcoming release also features the latest single “Play Cool” and drops March 12 via Take This To Heart Records

Genevieve Stokes – “Surface Tension”

For fans of: Claud, Billie Eilish, Gatlin 

Genevieve Stokes is breaking the “Surface Tension” with laid-back backtracks and echoing harmonies. Written during a difficult time in her life, Stokes says the message of the track is “more uplifting than helpless.” As a reverberating bass leads the tempo, dreamy vocals take on airy runs and melodies. The song is Stokes’ first release of the year as well as the premiere single off her upcoming EP SWIMMING LESSONS, which is set to drop this March 5.

Hannah Jadagu – “Think Too Much”

For fans of: Peach Pit, Dayglow, No Vacation

Surrounded by dreamy synths and beats, Hannah Jadagu makes her Sub Pop Records debut with “Think Too Much.” The singer produced the track herself using an iPhone, GarageBand, a microphone, a guitar and iRig. Inspired by the desire to make a fun song, Jadagu drew influence from the likes of Jean Dawson and Winnetka Bowling League to find the perfect sonic aesthetic. After asking her friends what they thought about “too much,” she combined their thoughts with pop-infused chords and rhythms. The track is Jadagu’s third single and follows 2020’s “Unending” and “Pollen.”

Jax – “Ring Pop”

For fans of: WRENN, Ryan Mack, Mothica

Alongside Nickelodeon’s Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide star Devon Werkheiser, Jax shows listeners that you don’t need diamonds to be happy in her “Ring Pop” music video. Known for her hilarious TikTok parodies—including “Stacy’s Mom” and “Sk8er Boi”—and placing third on American Idol season 14, Jax gets serious for her latest track. Written for her boyfriend, the song is a soft pop tribute to their relationship and how they don’t need a lot of money to be happy. As Jax sings of her love, swaying electric riffs ring in the background. “Ring Pop” is Jax’s first single this year and also serves as her Atlantic Records debut.

Jynx – “All In Caskets”

For fans of: Dropout Kings, Cane Hill, DED

Jynx teamed up with FEVER 333 frontman Jason Aalon Butler’s 333 WRECKORDS for a raging one-off release with “All In Caskets.” Mixing hip-hop with metal and hardcore, the five-piece created a thundering anthem for those aiming to overcome social injustice and question the systems we’ve become used to. “Lyrically, it felt like the time to talk about challenging what you see and hear and to do better by looking at the bigger picture,” guitarist Jerry DeLorenzo says. “We live in an era where misinformation, disinformation and fear tactics are used for monetization, and there is no way that’s healthy for anyone.”

Kelsy Karter – “Villain”

For fans of: Lauren Sanderson, bülow, Chloe Lilac

Kelsey Karter takes on the role of a wholesome “Villian” in her latest self-directed  music video. As rock guitars play, we see Karter go through the motions of a breakup dressed as Catwoman singing woefully about how she became and accepted the role of the “bad person” when a relationship ended.  While some people only see villains solely as wrongdoers, she reminds listeners that there’s more to them than what meets the eye. “I wanted to depict one of the greatest villains of all time on her day off, ironically, doing the most un-villainous things you can do,” she says. “Watching TV, having a tea party, cuddling a teddy bear, doing handstands… and crying. Villains have hearts too, y’know?” The track is featured on Karter’s debut LP Missing Person, which dropped last year.

Marco Luka – “big talk”

For fans of: Jutes, Lxst, Unodavid

Recorded with professional basketball player Zion Williamson, Marco Luka’s “big talk” mixes trap vibes and dark moods. Hip-hop beats give the track an ocean-like cadence, with Luka surfing each wave line after line. Keeping it simple, a light beat accompanies the Cuban-American vocalist, accenting the ends of each verse before it eventually fades. The track is Luka’s first release since 2019’s “no more” and “feel the Same.” 

MAY-A – “Time I Love To Waste”

For fans of: Claud, the Rubens, Spacey Jane

The latest in a series of singles, MAY-A shares a bright pop tune, “Time I Love To Waste.” Smooth beats are the foundation for the song with rich riffs echoing between chorus and verse. Written about the same girl that inspired “Apricots,” the track is an uptempo ode to love and experiencing emotions you’ve never felt before. “I was sure she liked me when I was writing it,” she continues, “but I’d personally never been interested in someone the way that I was into her. I was completely enamored. I wanted to give her everything that she wanted and I truly felt like she was completely out of my league.” 

MBG – “This Time”

For fans of: Wallows, Clairo, Peach Pit

Singer and multi-instrumentalist MBG takes on the insecurities that come after a relationship ends and stares them in the face with “This Time.” Guitar-driven stanzas reflect her own thoughts of not being good enough. Cymbals ring in the background keeping the beat steady and grounded. Inspired by how overthinking can make bad situations seem worse then what they are MBG, hopes the track can help people embrace their worries. “Whether you’re falling in love or losing someone in your life, there can be this sense that you’re spiraling out of control,” she says. “Every now and then, you kind of just have to let it hit you like a ton of bricks.” 

Mt. Grey – “Back Again”

For fans of: Modern Color, Gleemer, Teenage Wrist

Speaking on addiction and the harm it can cause, Mt. Grey found their own way to create a song in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic with “Back Again”  Mixed by Jon Markson (Drug Church, Such Gold) and mastered by Mike Kalajian (Thrice, Circa Survive,) the track’s heavy bass drives each progression. With a steady tempo throughout, the song’s abrupt ending brings you back to reality after getting lost in sweet riffs. Made during the pandemic and while the band socially distanced, the group got creative when making the initial demo by sending the track back and forth to each other until it was completed. The band plan to feature the track on their upcoming EP that is planned to drop later this year.

Oceanis – “… Of Flesh”

For fans of: Hatebreed, Trivium, Lamb Of God

Inspired by one of the Greek Titans, metalcore quintet Oceanis wanted to make a statement about the war in our society with “... Of Flesh.” “Lyrically, the track is about a cult who are aware that the Greek Titan Oceanus is returning to end the world,” vocalist Joe Maryanji says. “It is also a metaphor for how war changes the world.” With slick guitar solos and heavy riffs, the band shake the earth much like the Titan himself. Just when you think the track is about to wrap up, the band come in with another breakdown. “… Of Flesh” is the band’s first release this year and fourth single since 2016’s Totality EP.

Octopus Montage – “Voices”

For fans of: Neck Deep, A Day To Remember, Bring Me The Horizon

Octopus Montage deliver thundering breakdowns and roaring vocals with their latest track “Voices.” Constantly pivoting between pop-punk choruses and metalcore hits, the group switch modes effortlessly throughout the song. “‘Voices’ is a five-minute dose of unapologetic realism, outlining what it can really be like for someone who suffers from mental health issues,” says vocalist Alex Jennings. “It serves as a reminder that even through someone’s darkest days they can not only get to the other side but also produce something that they are extremely proud of.”  The track will be included on the quartet’s upcoming album How To Live & How To Lose, which drops April 2. 

Paper Jackets – “White Noise”

For fans of: We The Commas, TWIN XL, Little Hurt

Paper Jackets are taking a moment to appreciate the small things in life with their single “White Noise.” “Life happens so gradually that sometimes we forget to notice,” vocalist James Mason says. “‘White Noise’ is about changes, wondering how we got so far and taking tiny steps backward to find the lines we crossed.” Co-produced by Dylan Jackson Scott (Halsey, DREAMERS), the track crescendos using euphonious synth keys and makes waves as the beats rise and fall. “White Noise” is the quartet’s latest release since 2020’s Souvenirs, Vol. 1 and follows “Bad Company,” which dropped in January. The track will also be included on the band’s upcoming project, Souvenirs Part Two

PAYDAY – “Big Boy”

For fans of: BLACKSTARKIDS, spill tab, bennytheghost

PAYDAY calls out double standards and says she can be a “Big Boy” with her latest single. Influenced by artists from Tyler, The Creator to My Chemical Romance, the 16-year-old combines R&B with a punk attitude. Spitting rhymes at high speed, PAYDAY never faults in her cadence as she raps each line with precision. Alongside “Dolphin” and “Bitter,” “Big Boy” will be included on P.U.K.E. Tapes Volume 3, which drops March 19. 

payton – “NEVERMIND”

For fans of: jxdn, Aidan Gallagher, Indiana Massara

payton (Payton Moormeier) shares a relatable, guitar-driven track with “NEVERMIND.” Inspired by the singer’s own experiences, the song features alt-pop fluctuations alongside trap-like beats. Its accompanying music video provides bright imagery following a desert-stranded Moormeier. Lit flowers blink with each drum hit while the 17-year-old finds his way back to the Earth. The track is Moormeier’s fifth single since “Love Letter” in 2020 and follows “Hard To Breathe” and “Don’t Go.” Moormeier also gave back to the music community recently with the Artist In You scholarship fund. Worth $2,500, the singer wanted to help struggling artists so that they could eventually succeed in their craft.

Post Profit – “When You Think It’s Right”

For fans of: Nothing More, DAMN NATION, Normandie

As their first track since 2019, Post Profits “When You Think It’s Right” brings the band back with sick accents and even tighter progressions. Focused on “mistrust and broken expectations,” the band break down their barriers with nü-metal stylings and rocking riffs. “The song was originally about relationships, platonic or romantic, but as 2020 would have it, the meaning evolved with the times,” vocalist Matt Jackson says. “That mistrust could be against your own government, the authorities or even other governments. Lyrically, it’s pretty straightforward, but emotionally, [it] could be related to many different things.” The track will be featured on the quartet’s upcoming debut full-length, When You Think It’s Right It’s Always Wrong, expected this fall. 

Potty Mouth – “Let Go”

For fans of: The Regrettes, Hands Off Gretel, Daddy Issues

Punk trio Potty Mouth “Let Go” with slick guitar riffs and grooving rhythms in their latest single. Steady drums lead the track, while lead singer Abby Weemssoft reverbed vocals provide the song with a light pop vibe. The single will be featured on the trio’s upcoming compilation, Sunday, Someday, alongside Nervus, KOJI and more. Funds from the album will go toward a member of the group’s top surgery and aftercare as well as be used to raise awareness of the systemic oppression against LGBTQIA+ youth and QTPOC. The LP drops March 26 via Get Better Records.

Rozei – “Chase”

For fans of: jxdn, iann dior, POORSTACY 

Rozei (Carter Perkins) branches out into other styles and incorporates alt-rock elements into his hip-hop-driven track, “Chase.” “[The song] is the beginning of me showcasing my versatility as an artist,” Perkins says. “I don’t want to be held down to any specific mood or genre, and the vibe of this track speaks for that.” While its transitions are smooth, the track holds an eerie undertone that shines through its minor chords and beats. As a finishing touch, electric guitar chords ring through the last moments of the track accompanied by a faint siren. Though he hasn’t dropped an album yet, “Chase” is the latest in a series of singles that began in 2018 and follows “Droptop,” along with he and Atlantic Holiday’s Grinch-inspired  “Mean One.”

Rumours – “If only you could feel something too”

For fans of:  ISOTOPES, Tapestry, Awaken I Am

Australian rock trio Rumours release some tension from the past year with the second track off their upcoming release. With danceable beats and a grooving drop, the band break it down with dark riffs and captivating gang harmonies. “If only you could feel something too” “The song is a bit of a dance between passion and self-loathing whether that’s in a relationship, an aspiration or kicking/fostering a habit.,” the band state. “How do you communicate those more extreme feelings with those around you? Wouldn’t it just be easier if they could feel something too?” “if only you could feel something too” is the title track of their debut EP which drops March 19 and is available to presave via Distrokid.

SENTINELS – “Inertia”

For fans of: Emmure, the Acacia Strain, Oceano

SENTINELS celebrate their singing to SharpTone Records with the release of a heavy new single, “Inertia.” With intricate guitar riffs and lead vocalist Josh Hardiman’s thundering roars, the track is a hurricane of technicalities and grit. With a full-length planned to drop later this year, the band are making their presence known in the metal scene with booming backtracks and relentless aggression.

Sophie And The Giants – “Right Now”

For fans of: Stereo Honey, Sam Fender, YONAKA

Sizzling electro-pop combined with cheery synths make Sophie And The Giants’ “Right Now” the perfect track to let loose to. Danceable beats dominate each chorus, making you want to get up and jump. Despite its happy exterior, the song was inspired by the coronavirus pandemic and all the frustrations everyone has been experiencing because of it. As things seem to only get more difficult, the band hope “Right Now” can give people a feeling that “anything is possible again.” This is the group’s first release of 2021 and follows last year’s “Hypnotized” with Purple Disco Machine.

Stepson – “Deeper Sleep”

For fans of: Glass Tides, Counterparts, Being As An Ocean

Off their upcoming album, Help Me Help You, Stepson share their latest single, “Deeper Sleep.” Punk guitar riffs are combined with a post-hardcore edge that drives the soundwaves deep into your mind. Through intense vocals and deep crescendos, the band speak on the effects of being in an abusive relationship and how it affects the victim. “The inner turmoil experienced every day from past trauma can affect present and future relationships to the point where even dreams feel real,” lead singer Brock Alan Conry says. “Insecurity is contagious and unfortunately can be transferred from person to person.” The group’s debut LP is set to release March 26 via SharpTone Records.

stopnowstartagain – “Liplock”

For fans of: blink-182, the Starting Line, Angels & Airwaves

With his debut single, stopnowstartagain finds it’s easier to talk about depression through song with “Liplock.” A mix of ’90s alt-pop grooves and modern-day rhythms meld into a pop-punk ode for the ages. Illustrating his feelings toward mental health, the music video sees the singer take a lighthearted approach to a topic he’s normally unable to form words on. As we live our lives, carefree and oblivious to the potential harm we are exposed to on a daily basis, depression is constantly looming, ready to pounce at any moment,” he says. “Eventually, it finally gets you.”  

Suitable Miss – “Black And White”

For fans of: Grayscale, Stand Atlantic, Makeout 

Pop-punk quintet Suitable Miss encourage listeners to stay strong through tough situations with “Black And White.” Inspired by taking back your power after getting out of a toxic relationship, the lyrics are complemented by moving guitar riffs and sunny synths. Like previous releases, the song contains energetic vibes and quick-paced progressions that will leave you craving more. The track is featured on the band’s debut EP, Don’t Look Back, which dropped Feb. 26. 

TETRARCH – “You Never Listen”

For fans of: Afterlife, DED, InVisions 

TETRARCH bring torrential riffs and post-hardcore breakdowns on “You Never Listen.” The track’s accompanying video tells the story of a young man struggling to overpower his demons. With every crescendo is a different battle until the track meets its sonic climax and abrupt ending. “You Never Listen” accompanies previous single “I’m Not Right” on the band’s upcoming release, Unstable, which drops April 30 via Napalm Records.

Transviolet – “Drugs In California”

For fans of: XYLØ, ROZES, VÉRITÉ

Transviolet deliver pop-infused beats and harmonies accompanied with personal lyrics for “Drugs In California.” Behind the electric synths is a personal message from vocalist Sarah McTaggart about “the toxic relationship between fame and adoration.” “It’s weird because I wouldn’t think of myself as famous,” she says. “The truth is, to some people, I am famous. I won’t lie to you, it feels amazing to have people connect with my work so deeply, to feel so seen, understood and appreciated [and] to be adored. However, that feeling can be really addictive, even destructive.” The track is the latest in a string of singles since the band dropped Born To Rule in early 2020. It follows other tracks such as “Tropics” and “Girls Your Age (Tiny Room Sessions),” which is a rendition of the title track of their 2015 debut EP.

Valleyheart – “Scenery”

For fans of: Remo Drive, Citizen, Microwave 

Mixing lo-fi elements with singer/producer Kevin Klein’s folk roots, Valleyheart create a dynamic atmosphere of airy vocals and resonating guitars. While reflecting on how we approach self-change, the group deliver minor chords that echo through your eardrums and straight to the heart. “Scenery” is the title track for Valleyheart’s upcoming EP, set to be released March 26 via Honey Pit. It also follows “T.I.K.” as the band’s second single this year and is the latest in a string of releases since their debut LP, Everyone I’ve Ever Loved.

VEXED – “Hideous”

For fans of: Spiritbox, Cane Hill, Loathe

VEXED introduce their upcoming LP with a new thundering track, “Hideous.” Inspired by grindhouse, the song’s accompanying music video sees the band surrounded in red light as they play through each tempo change and breakdown. “Fueled by the feeling of ‘seeing red’ and having to decide how to react in moments of betrayal and rage, do you let your blood boil over or sit and wait for the killing instinct to pass?” “Hideous” follows two standalone singles, including “Elite” with Thy Art Is Murder vocalist CJ McMahon. The track will be included on the band’s upcoming debut album, Culling Culture, out May 21 via Napalm Records.

Weatherstate – “Hangar”

For fans of: The Bottom Line, Drones, Nervus

Produced by Four Year Strong’s Alan Day, Weatherstate’s “Hangar” is a pop-punk anthem that will keep you grooving long after it’s over. Based in Weymouth, U.K., the group had to get creative when recording the song due to social-distance policies. Created remotely and primarily over Zoom as the band talked through the details of the track with Day, the song never lets up on its deep basslines and rock riffs. “It goes without saying, but doing everything remotely has been a massive challenge and an interesting obstacle to overcome,” guitarist Callan Milward says. “Especially for us, as we have been pretty traditionalist when it comes to writing. I feel we handled it in the best way we could, considering the international side of things, too.” The track is the group’s first release since their 2019 debut LP, Born A Cynic. “Hangar” also serves as Weatherstate’s debut with Rude Records.

Youth Fountain – “Peace Offering”

For fans of: Can’t Swim, Bearings, Seaway

Taking on self-love, Youth Fountain (Tyler Zanon) is making a “Peace Offering” to himself with his latest single. Beginning as a solo artist in 2013 under Bedroom Talk, he was later joined by vocalist Cody Muraro. After Muraro departed the band last year, it’s now just Zanon again. Grit-tinged vocals bring the emotional lyrics to life as electric guitar chords and pickings ring in the background. “This track was written in the perspective of knowing you could never truly love or be loved by anyone before being comfortable with who you are as a person,” Zanon says. “No matter what positive aspects can come out of a relationship, if the foundation isn’t there of having that bare minimum of self-love, things inevitably tend to tarnish.” “Peace Offering” is the first release since 2020’s Letters To Our Former Selves acoustic EP, which included renditions of Youth Fountain’s Pure Noise debut

Yoshi Flower – “Faking Sleep”

For fans of: lostboycrow, BAD CHILD, Anthony Russo

Sharing his first original track since 2019, Yoshi Flower (Joshua Smith) gives fans a look into his mental health over the past months with “Faking Sleep.” “[The song is] about reconciling this past year and trying to fall asleep every night with this gas leak of global context seeping into our everyday lives,” Smith says. “You just have to go on with things and be optimistic where you can while being a good person.” Trap beats back dramatic synths and acoustic riffs while Yoshi Flower bares his heart in the lyrics. “Faking Sleep” was part of a multi-single release that also included a B-side cover of The Cure’s “Boys Don’t Cry.”


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