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Every New Found Glory album ranked: From worst to best

We ranked every New Found Glory album, from Makes Me Sick to Sticks and Stones. See our list ranking. Continue reading…



For 25 years, New Found Glory have been synonymous with pop punk, keepers of the pizza-stained pantheon, and all things “easycore.” 

While blink-182 earn rightful praise as the genre’s defining band, New Found Glory have remained steadfast in its delivery of blistering riffs and heartfelt anthems of love, loss, and suburban fury. 

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Now, as the legendary South Florida four-piece return to the road fully formed, kicking off a March acoustic tour following guitarist Chad Gilbert’s cancer battle, it’s time we threw a little respect on their name, ranking all 11 of their studio albums (minus their 2021 Christmas album). Their From The Screen to Your Stereo cover albums are also not included. 

As the band’s devout and enduring fanbase will surely attest, New Found’s catalog is largely excellent, overflowing with staples to which many succeeding pop-punk bands are indebted. 

Without further ado, let’s cheers to all us fools that have no meaning and get into it! 

Every New Found Glory album ranked

See our album ranking of New Found Glory’s entire discography, from classics to more recent releases, below.


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