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Fan poll: 5 greatest Weezer songs of all time

From “Say It Ain’t So” to “Island in the Sun,” our fans ranked the five greatest Weezer songs of all time. See which ones made the list. Continue reading…



Being a Weezer fan comes with contentious territory. Between the cult followers and the critics, the California rock band’s prolific discography is often the subject of heated discussion. Weezer’s sound was born out of the grit and glory of the ‘90s grunge movement in Los Angeles, and has seen many phases, iterations, albums, and controversies throughout their three-decade run. They’ve grown a fanatical following along the way and have vexed critics with their shameless humor and onstage antics. 

When Weezer released their debut self-titled album in 1994, affectionately known as the “Blue Album,” they became a touchstone for misfits across the alt-rock scene. Their clever lyrics, nostalgic guitar riffs, sunny motifs, and charismatic band members uplifted spirits and electrified stages, catapulting them into mainstream commercial success. But the band always seemed to have more to prove. With every hiatus, regroup, experiment, and blunder, the waves of Weezer continue to barrel in, bringing in something new and personal every time.

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Whether you’re a diehard or a skeptic, day-one or you’re particularly taken with the Teal Album, what seems unanimous across picket lines is that Weezer are an unrelenting, fun-loving force whose reputation grows more secure with each passing year. With a whole lot of self-titled albums to choose from (six to be exact), we asked fans what the best Weezer songs of all time are. See what five tracks made the list.

5. “Island in the Sun” 

Arguably Weezer’s best-known track, “Island In The Sun” is the ultimate sunshine rock song. Arriving five years after the moodier Pinkerton, Weezer’s self-titled Green Album, ushered in the sunnier, doo-wop sound of the fan-favorite Blue Album. It’s a simple yet inescapable track that will forever conjure the salt and sand of beach days past. 

4. “Pork and Beans”

This song embodies contradiction and irony. The track’s message of defiance: “I’ma do the things that I wanna do/ I ain’t got a thing to prove to you,” is a war cry against the pressures of commercial success and public scrutiny. Yet, contrary to the song’s directive, “Pork and Beans” was one of the most immediately successful tracks on the Red Album. With a singalong chorus, slashing guitars, and anthemic message, the song became an instant classic, immortalizing its ironic backstory. 

3. “Say It Ain’t So”

A song of adolescence, “Say It Ain’t So” is a pop-rock masterpiece. Written by Rivers Cuomo, the track dives into the heavy topics of alcoholism, fatherhood, and resilience, and is a reminder of the potency of Cuomo’s songwriting. With a grand guitar solo, singular production, and memorable refrain, “Say It Ain’t So” is the childhood-bedroom chorus for an entire generation who were waiting to leave their parents’ houses.

2. “Only in Dreams”

The closing number on the Blue Album, the dreamy, eight-minute epic, is a momentous wrap up to a poignant debut record. “Only In Dreams” features lush instrumentalism that builds and intensifies, climaxing twice in outrageous solos that weigh heavy with emotions. It’s angsty, heartfelt, and above all, it introduced the range that Weezer had to offer right out of the gate.

1. “Buddy Holly”

At once ominous and tender, enraged yet collected, “Buddy Holly” is an absolute masterpiece. Cuomo almost left the track off the “Blue Album,” but producer Ric Ocasek convinced him otherwise. And thank god for that. The incredulous lyrics from Cuomo, a response to his friends teasing his Asian-American girlfriend of the time, are timeless in their frustration and the track’s seriousness is the perfect antidote to the light-hearted counterparts on the record. “Buddy Holly” is a track for the superfans and for the newbies and can stand tall as one of Weezer’s best songs ever.


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