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Inhaler : The John Robb interview

Fascinating interview with young band facing up to and soundtracking the post pandemic world with an album of anthemic post punk moods that go beyond the U2 connection

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Inhaler have scored yet another one of the great number-one albums of 2021 a couple of weeks ago with It Won’t Always Be Like This.

The album is a soul seeking, melodic and emotional album of powerful guitar anthems that somehow mix the yearning soundscapes of their singer,  Eli, dad’s band, U2 with a post-punk sensibility but with the kind of generational soundtracking anthems of a Blossoms, Slow Readers Club, Ist Ist. It’s a great album where the song is king and the sound is huge and all-enveloping and Eli has a great voice that is just part of a very much 4 piece band’s exquisite sonic armoury.

The band talk about how the pandemic affected their album how it caused the loss of youth and that time of freedom between childhood and the grown-up world they were writing about before Covid hit, the power of music and the new love of guitar music by the youth plus their closeness as a band, the post-pandemic world and a band’s role in the new generation that will hopefully ‘tear up the mess’. They also talk about their love of Manchester music and Dublin, Fontaines DC, Joy Division, Nirvana, The Stone Roses and even Motorhead in an engaging and fascinating chat.

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