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Lil Lotus, Sophie Powers drop “When Life Gives You Lemons” video

Lil Lotus and Sophie Powers have teamed up on the new single “When Life Gives You Lemons.” Watch the accompanying music video now. Continue reading…



Today, we’re getting a pop-punk superhero story for the ages. Starring Los Angeles’ Lil Lotus with Toronto’s Sophie Powers, the new track and accompanying music video, “When Life Gives You Lemons” is a bright and powerful performance that unravels a toxic romance with an addictive melody that’s easy to keep on repeat. The song acknowledges the two artists’ contrasting styles, both with its punchy guitar parts, raucous rhythm, and character-driven lyrics that play Powers and Lil Lotus against each other as tempestuous lovers.

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Of the track, and collaboration, Lil Lotus told AP, “I wanted to write a song about how it feels to be caught up in a relationship where you’re constantly playing the blame game with each other instead of actually communicating. Adding Sophie in made it really upbeat and fun, so I thought it would be a cute twist on a negative situation.”

Speaking to the role in question, Powers was eager to dive in and give the emotional roller coaster a spin. “The Harley Quinn/Joker superhero-themed music video isn’t the only reason why I wanted to be a part of this song… It’s a big reason, but not the only reason. I knew I wanted to be a part of the song the second I heard Lotus’ catchy hook. Lil Lotus undeniably is showcasing a call for help after going through a heartbreaking toxic relationship. His vulnerability is commendable, although there are two sides to every story. I enjoyed writing from the perspective of the heartbreaker, as I’ve often found myself in that position. It doesn’t feel good, either. People on the receiving end often forget that. It’s totally understandable, although we shouldn’t villainize someone for simply wanting to move on. The music video is ironic in that sense, as we are visually calling out societal norms. I am literally dressed as a villain. So glad Lotus and I came together for this track. He’s so talented! Might need to work on his villain moves, though…”


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