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Order your exclusive Babymetal bundle featuring an alternate cover and sticker sheet

There are only 300 worldwide, so get yours while you can!



Babymetal are this month’s Metal Hammer cover stars, and we’ve teamed up with the Japanese kawaii metal superstars for this special, limited edition bundle version of the magazine that you can’t get anywhere else in the world!

As well as coming with the giant, double-sided poster that is included in the regular issue of last month’s Metal Hammer, it also features an alternative Babymetal front cover exclusive to this edition, and comes with an exclusive sticker sheet celebrating the newly upgraded trio.

There are only 300 bundles available worldwide, and you can only order yours via Metal Hammer, so get yours before they’re gone forever!

Inside the issue of Metal Hammer itself, we speak to all three members of Babymetal – Su-metal, Moametal and excited newcomer Momometal – about how they’re moving forwards as a trio, and what the future holds for the band now that they are officially three again.

“Momometal has a lot of dance moves that she’s really good at, and so Moametal and I try to get her to teach us how we can mimic her moves,” says Su-metal. “Momometal is also a very positive person and she really helps elevate the mood.”

Also in the magazine, we have brand new interviews with the likes of Megadeth legend Dave Mustaine, Killswitch Engage duo Jesse Leach and Adam D, plus black metal icons Immortal, prog metal heroes Tesseract, former Iron Maiden singer Blaze Bayley and many more. 

Order your Babymetal bundle here and have it delivered straight to your door.