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PLEASURES pays homage to Sonic Youth with new collection

PLEASURES’ latest collection celebrates Sonic Youth, one of the most iconic American alternative bands, with limited-edition clothing and ephemera. Continue reading…



PLEASURES has always been miles ahead when it comes to finding ways of authentically fusing the worlds of fashion and alternative music. From Blur, to New Order, to Korn—the Los Angeles brand has brought us fresh gear from our favorite iconic bands spanning both genres and decades. And this month, we’re in for a very special treat, one of the most legendary names of the American Underground: Sonic Youth.

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Today, PLEASURES is dropping 38 items, including both clothing and ephemera, inspired by all eras of Sonic Youth. And this collaboration is anything but your average Washing Machine reprint tee. This capsule is about designs as much as it is about deep cuts—featuring band member photographs, album artwork, and archives.



If anyone can take a well-loved reference and re-tell the story in a new and exciting manner, it’s PLEASURES. For the capsule, the brand speaks to the fact that while Sonic Youth’s lasting relevance and the notable inspiration they’ve had on music and musicians goes without saying—their artistic eye has always proven equally admirable and iconic.

With this drop, their beloved album art, created by the likes of famed artists Raymond Pettibon and Mike Kelley, is making its way off of mood boards and onto a creative, refreshing array of clothing and collectibles we’re all clamoring to get.



In regards to the impact Sonic Youth has had on culture as a whole, PLEASURES co-founder Alex James puts it well, “Sonic Youth was my introduction to every thing that is cool. Their avant garde sound mixed with a DIY no fucks attitude have solidified them as global icons in pop culture history.”



Pay your respects to alternative royalty and grab your very own ‘Dirty’ Bunny, by checking out this collection dropping in two parts on July 7, 2023, and July 21, 2023, at 10:00 AM PST on and through other global retailers.



Photography by: Nikki Nixon & Quinn Dunziellas

Models: JINU and Robby


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