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Roger Eno releases video for title track of new album The Turning Year

Ambient composer Roger Eno will release latest album The Turning Year in April



Ambient composer Roger Eno has releaaed a video for The Turning Year, which you can watch below. It’s the title track from Eno’s upcoming album which will be released thrpugh Deutsche Grammophon on April 15.

The Turning Year is like a collection of short stories or photographs of individual scenes, each with its own character but somehow closely related to the other,” explains Eno. “Listening to it made me think about how we live our lives in facets, how we catch fleeting glimpses, how we walk through our lives, how we notice the turning year.

“When Deutsche Grammophon released Mixing Colours (Eno’s 2020 collaboration with brother Brian) I took it as a real honour and a tremendous compliment. I never expected that the invitation would lead me to a solo album with them. It gave me the chance to reflect on my intense love for music and the area of Britain where I live. And I thought about how Britain is now, a place of division and growing inequality, how it was when I was growing up, and about my nostalgia for a better place that no longer exists, or perhaps never existed.”

The Turning Year features artwork from Eno’s daughter Cicely, which you can watch below. Eno will also perform music from the album at Haus Zenner in Berlin’s Treptower Park (12 May) and the Purcell Room in London (14 May).

Roger Eno

(Image credit: Deutsche Grammophon)

Roger Eno: The Turning Year
1. A Place We Once Walked
2. Slow Motion
3. Introit
4. Hymn
5. Clearly
6. The Turning Year
7. Bells
8. Hope (The Kindness Of Strangers)
9. On the Horizon’
10. Innocence
11. Something Made Out Of Nothing
12. An Intimate Distance
13. Stars and Wheels
14. Low Cloud, Dark Skies


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