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20 More Raging & Thrashing Records From 2023



In 2023, we were asked by bands or labels through email requests or DMs on social media to review about 300-400 hardcore punk and adjacent records, on top of countless others we personally were keen to cover based on our own tastes and discoveries. Given the sheer volume of records released on a daily basis, […]

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Hailing from Half Moon Bay/San Francisco, Nightstick Justice was a short-lived yet remarkable force in the ’00s California scene, delivering straight-forward, no-bullshit hardcore in the vein of Tear It Up, Cut The Shit, and Direct Control. In 2023, fans were thrilled when 625 Thrashcore, Thrash Tapes, and Smiling Is Not A Crime dropped a discography tape featuring all of Nightstick Justice’s works from 2006 to 2008. Jeff Corso, formerly of Nightstick Justice, also kicked off a new venture called Coffin Party amidst the pandemic, unveiling a demo in 2020 and the Solidarity EP in 2021. In this project, Corso teams up with the exceptional drummer Aesop Dekker, known for his work with metal outfits like Agalloch, Ludicra, and Hickey. Yet, in Coffin Party, the duo steers clear of complex, avant-garde styles in favor of a raw, traditional hardcore vibe, drawing inspiration from bands such as Jerry’s Kids, Gauze, and Poison Idea. Their 2023 self-titled EP, Coffin Party, serves up six tracks of unadulterated hardcore at its most primal and powerful, with raging riffs recycled from Nightstick Justice. For those who favor hardcore that’s unrefined and aggressive, Coffin Party is sure to strike a chord.


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