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Listen to Los Angeles Darkwave Artist Qyburn’s Full-Length Album “Cynthia”

Qyburn, a master in the arcane arts of necromancy, has recently ventured from the seclusion of his castle tower to unveil his unique musical magic upon the unsuspecting inhabitants of…

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Qyburn, a master in the arcane arts of necromancy, has recently ventured from the seclusion of his castle tower to unveil his unique musical magic upon the unsuspecting inhabitants of Los Angeles. He is known to engage in live performances, often accompanied by a coterie of fellow death mages from his inner circle. These gatherings are where one can experience the haunting, ethereal tones he conjures, offering an auditory experience that blends the mysterious with the mesmerizing.

Qyburn presents a novel interpretation of the classic gothic genre, focusing heavily on creating immersive, atmospheric auditory experiences. His music blends the distinctive, rhythmic pulse of chiptune with the haunting, synthesizer-driven style reminiscent of pioneers like Tangerine Dream, Tuxedomoon, Angelo Badalamenti, Vangelis, and Jean-Michel Jarre. This fusion results in a sound that is both cinematic and nostalgic, yet distinctly contemporary. The defining feature of Qyburn’s work is his expressive and resonant vocal delivery, which serves as the cohesive element that unites the diverse influences in his music.

“The record is a concept album, inspired by my progressive rock heroes,” he says. “It tells the story of a man summoned to the remote manor home of a long lost love from his past. Eager to find out if their connection remains as strong as before, he travels far to her remote home only discover that she is not what she appears to be. Unbeknownst to him, Cynthia has become a succubus, and is luring him into a sacrificial ritual in order to consume his soul.”

The album commences with She Breathes, a melancholic tale weaving the story of love reignited through letters spanning great distances beneath a canopy of stars. It fondly recalls a young, fulfilling romance that once completed life, while simultaneously contemplating the relentless march of time and the ephemeral nature of memories. Yet, through the passage of years, a persistent bond and yearning for reconnection persist, beautifully capturing the enduring themes of love, longing, and time’s unyielding progression. The track is elevated by a suy saxophone solo, adding a layer of emotive depth.

Following this is Cynthia, a track steeped in profound nostalgia and the ache of lost love. It conjures vivid, surreal recollections of a past lover, encapsulating a relationship that continues to haunt the singer’s psyche. The song navigates through a landscape of regret and yearning, with the singer’s quest to her door symbolizing a poignant effort to reclaim a connection with the past and reawaken dormant feelings.

Loose Lips poignantly captures a deep sense of alienation and a heartfelt longing for reconnection within a relationship marked by estrangement and evolution. It delves into a profound desire to reignite both physical and emotional intimacy, all while acknowledging the time that has slipped away. The song articulates a journey from youth to adulthood, signaling a readiness to let go of past burdens. It beautifully blends a spectrum of emotions – desire, nostalgia, and a hopeful aspiration for rekindling an old bond. This mix is further enriched by evocative memories of youthful love and a compelling appeal for healing, seeking solace in mutual understanding and shared experiences of pain.

Moving forward, the poetry of Ruby Red‘s lyrics portrays a solemn figure, the “bearer of souls,” who is driven by a guiding flame through darkness. He seeks to bring life to a desolate world and alleviate suffering, a task he’s destined to bear indefinitely. The arrival of a messenger from a place of strife brings ominous, blood-red tidings that evoke a sense of dread and longing for escape. Despite this, the imperative that the flame must continue to burn and lead remains paramount, symbolizing persistence and guidance amidst despair.

A visceral image of suffering courses through Succubus, accompanied by a sense of fleeting time and the dullness of grey rain. Under the cover of night, the speaker undergoes a transformation, likening themselves to an insect residing within, symbolizing perhaps an inner darkness or change. The presence of death is palpable as it’s carried on the wind, felt even as the significant other breathes close by. This sombre realization culminates in the acceptance that it’s too late for any attempts at change or redemption.

Evoking the spirit of Tears For Fears, the introspective Carson of Venus nostalgically recalls youthful innocence and deep connections, evoking memories of joyous moments and dreams. As time passes, these memories turn bittersweet, overshadowed by loss and longing. The speaker yearns for a return to those carefree days, haunted by the absence of a significant other, especially in the solitude of night.

The pace picks up with Letting Go, with themes of intense desire and inevitable connection reminiscent of Human League and Blancmange. The song suggests an odyssey of self-reliance and independence, yet acknowledges an irresistible, soul-deep attraction that draws the two individuals together. This force is portrayed as unyielding, signifying a predestined bond that cannot be denied.

He Died explores the final moments of a person’s life, meeting death calmly and without fear. The lyrics question his place in the grand scheme of things, pondering the challenges he faces and the significance of his existence. Hope remains his companion, even as he clings to his determination, aware that time continues to move inexorably forward. The song captures a poignant moment where he reassures himself that he will be fine, recognizing this as a final untruth in the face of mortality.

The album closes with Mythic Dawn, expressing longing and existential contemplation, juxtaposing distant connections with personal entrapment in unresolved stories. It reflects on life’s endless cycle and emotional turmoil, oscillating between bitterness and sweetness, emphasizing the value of inner emotions and deep, spiritual connections.

Listen to Cynthia below:

Physical releases of Cynthia, including cassette, CD, and vinyl, will be coming at a later time via the UK label Matriarch Records.

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The post Listen to Los Angeles Darkwave Artist Qyburn’s Full-Length Album “Cynthia” appeared first on

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