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Venezuelan Psych Rock Outfit Joudy are Ready to Fight in Their Video for “Mastery” — Plus Interview

Venezuelan psych-grunge outfit Joudy’s story is as riveting as their music, marked by a resilience and courage that reverberates through every chord they strike and every lyric they pen. This…

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Venezuelan psych-grunge outfit Joudy’s story is as riveting as their music, marked by a resilience and courage that reverberates through every chord they strike and every lyric they pen. This narrative has also become a part of their appeal, with fans from all over the world finding a powerful connection to the band’s music through their shared experiences of displacement and struggle. Through their music, Joudy continues to shine a spotlight on the plight of their home country, using their platform to raise awareness about the ongoing political situation in Venezuela.

Joudy has never shied away from incorporating the vibrancy of their heritage into their unique sound. Diego’s haunting vocals, Gabriel’s pulsating basslines, and Hulrich’s pounding drum beats are infused with the influence of their Latin roots, resulting in a fusion of traditional and modern sounds that truly sets them apart. The potent, hard-hitting riffs and rebellious energy of their latest single Mastery are reminiscent of Audioslave, the experimental and bold nature of Queens of the Stone Age, and the sludgy, primal resonance of the Melvins.

Directed by Gabriel Duque, the video clip for Mastery unravels an entrancing tale of a man locked in daily combat with an enigmatic adversary. A nod towards the iconic “Fight Club” sprinkles hints of intrigue, compelling us to question the identity of this elusive foe…or even ponder his very existence.

Watch the video for “Mastery” below:

Emerging from a cocoon of tribulations, the much awaited third musical manifesto, “Destroy All Monsters,” arrives, a symbolic badge of personal and professional fortitude. This opus marks their inaugural venture since finding sanctuary on American soil, becoming a haunting echo of their saga – a testament to battles fought and victories won.

You can stream the album below:

Destroy All Monsters,” out now via Trash Casual, is a captivating display of Joudy’s spellbinding ability to traverse the intricate labyrinth of emotions, casting them into the rich tapestry of their melodies. Standing tall against the storm of adversity, Joudy’s oeuvre emerges as a phoenix, powerful and evocative – a beacon of inspiration in the enveloping dark.

To purchase the album, click below:

The album, like a shattered mirror, reflects the band’s indomitable resurgence. It invites you to wade into the abyss, only to extend a hand of salvation, pulling you back into the warmth of the known. The vision of the project stretches far beyond the audio realm, birthing an artistic alliance amidst the scattered Venezuelan diaspora. D.A.M.’s auditory and visual companions span across the wide girth of two continents. had a few questions for the band, so we interviewed them about their background, creative process, and plans for the future.

Can you tell us more about the challenges you faced as a band under the corrupt authoritarian regime in Venezuela, and how that influenced your music and creative process?

During the economic crash and polarizing political environment, we witnessed a sharp rise in crime, limited freedom of speech, and widespread corruption that would translate into a deteriorated infrastructure. This situation fostered a profound sense of hopelessness and frustration. Over time, these accumulated hardships took their toll, eroding our comfort zone and restricting our creative expression to a minimum. It became a catalyst for cultural devastation in our country and a significant downturn in our adult lives.

Our music writing process originated from a place of frustration, with our lyrics serving as a form of protest against the things that caused us the most discomfort. We understood and transformed these emotions into a lyrical outlet. The same approach applied to our music, as we aimed to create something that stood in stark contrast to the prevailing circumstances.

How did the experience of fleeing your homeland and rebuilding your lives in New York City shape your music and your approach to creating art?

The sudden shift from having everything at our fingertips to having nothing instilled a profound sense of appreciation when opportunities came our way. We seized them at the moment and dedicated ourselves more consistently to our art. Our experience has amplified our gratitude. Moreover, the vibrant artistic atmosphere in New York City serves as a constant source of inspiration, uplifting our spirits on a daily basis and fuelling our creative drive.

Your music is often described as a combination of psych-grunge with introspective and esoteric lyricism. Could you elaborate on the themes and messages that you explore in your songs?

The political and social climate has always been a paramount aspect of our music. The messages conveyed in our songs hold deep significance for us, and we approach them with utmost seriousness. Our primary focus has been to utilize our music as a platform to spread a message. This message can take various forms, but recently it primarily revolves around social philosophy supported by esoteric concepts and mystical symbolism.

Our intention is to establish a profound connection with our audience by taking them on a hero’s journey where they can find themselves reflected in our music.

Being miraculously reunited after three years of separation must have been a powerful moment for the band. How did that reunion impact your musical journey and the direction you wanted to take as Joudy?

The reunion was an incredibly challenging experience, as we had all evolved and found ourselves in different stages of life. Finding a middle ground was a daunting task. However, our music became a reflection of where each of us stood at the time, and despite the complex dynamics, we managed to create the album. It truly represents the culmination of our journey through those challenging circumstances.

Your live performances are known for their explosive energy. How do you translate the emotions and intensity of your music into your stage presence, and what do you hope the audience takes away from your shows?

Our music combined with the energy of the people partaking in the experience is a driving force that takes our stage presence to another level. There is so much vulnerability being exposed in a performance, that you end up releasing all these feelings in the process, exposing all that we are. Especially when it takes so much time and effort for you to make it all possible. We hope our shows and music can bring inspiration to our audience so that everyone walks out from our shows feeling energized and motivated.

The transition from Venezuela to New York City must have brought about significant cultural and environmental changes. How have these new surroundings influenced your sound and musical style?

Our sound has become more aggressive since our transition. Hailing from a small city in the Andes range, the shift to the dense concrete jungle of NYC led us to explore more dissonant harmonies in our compositions. However, we contrasted this with lyrics that convey positive messages. Life in New York can offer immense love and joy, but it can also bring you crashing down. It strikes a delicate balance.

As a band that has faced adversity and overcome challenges, what message or inspiration do you hope to convey to your listeners through your music?

We aim to inspire our listeners to find themselves, to truly feel and be themselves, and to love and believe in themselves. Our music serves as a guiding light, urging individuals to embark on their own transformative journeys and discover their inner strength.

Walk us through the songwriting and production processes for “Destroy All Monsters.” What made you gravitate toward that specific reference from the Godzilla universe for the title?

Our album is a continuous narrative divided into different chapters (songs). All the songs are interconnected through certain recurring words and phrases. The story we tell follows the structure of a hero’s journey, where the protagonist delves into their internal world, navigating the depths of their thoughts and fighting against all their internal struggles. Choosing the title “Destroy All Monsters” was rooted in the idea of reflecting this concept as an epic battle. We believed the title perfectly encapsulated this human phenomenon, as the movie itself is a metaphor for such struggles that we all experience.

The music video presents a complex interplay of visuals and sound, perhaps reminiscent of Fight Club. Could you outline the central idea you sought to project, its thematic undercurrents, and the production nuances that shaped the final video?

“Fight Club” indeed served as our primary inspiration, representing the most visceral portrayal of human struggle. It embodies the constant fight for survival in the world we are thrust into and symbolizes the internal battles we face on our life paths. The intention behind the video was to reframe adversity as a natural companion and showcase the power of non-resistance.

Moving onto “Tail End,” “Uneasy,” and “El Despertar.” What informed the decision to spotlight these tracks as singles? Can you delve into the essence of these songs, their thematic roots, and the inspiration behind each? We’d appreciate it if you could illuminate the songwriting process for each and share some insights into the making of their respective videos.

We chose these singles to provide a continuous path, embodying the most authentic version of the band. “Mastery” represents the rawest expression of ourselves. We started with “Uneasy,” a dark shoegaze ballad that signifies the initial stage of transformation. The accompanying video is set in the present time. Next, “El Despertar” serves as a short bridge for what is to come, providing a more intimate glimpse into the band. This song represents the past and is a reimagining of an old track previously recorded in Venezuela. Following, “Tail End” serves as our rock anthem, showcasing the band’s sound transitioning into a more aggressive and progressive style. The video is set in the future. For “Mastery,” we decided to create a contrast to our initial release, “Uneasy,” by crafting a parallel universe that starkly contrasts all elements of the former video. This results in two videos that act as opposite twins in every aspect. “Mastery” is set in the present time, but has a parallel storyline to “Uneasy”.
What can we anticipate in terms of further promotional activities for “Destroy All Monsters“? What’s on the horizon for the band in terms of next steps?

Looking ahead, we are already in the early stages of planning the production of four new singles to be released in 2024. Each of these singles will be carefully crafted and released one by one, allowing us to explore different themes and musical directions while maintaining a cohesive artistic vision.

In terms of further promotional activities for “Destroy All Monsters,” we have some exciting plans in the works. One of our main ambitions is to expand the visual universe surrounding the album and continue adding stories to the overall narrative. We believe that visuals play a crucial role in conveying the essence of our music.

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