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A hearse, black cake and Ozzy Osbourne: is this the most heavy metal wedding ever?

Idaho couple Madi Danger and Jay Aspen had the metal wedding to end all metal weddings



We all know how weddings are supposed to go. Billowing white dresses, posh suits, lots of flowers and a drunken brawl at the reception. But an Idaho couple recently completely dispensed with tradition by staging the most heavy metal wedding in history, involving Ozzy Osbourne soundtracking their walk down the aisle, guitars being exchanged instead of rings and a black wedding cake. 

As reported by the New York Post (opens in new tab), Madi Danger and her husband-to-be Jay Aspen decided to opt for something “less stressful and more personal” when they got hitched on December 16 last year.

The metal and goth-loving couple, who have been together since high school, went all in on their chosen them, walking down the aisle of in Trinity United Methodist Church in Idaho Falls to Ozzy’s entirely ungodly Mr Crowley, before exchanging a pair of Gibson Explorer guitars in lieu of rings.

The ceremony concluded with The Cure’s Lovesong, before the couple drove to the reception in a black hearse with the licence plate 6FTUNDER. 

“We weren’t going to have a cake but my grandma got a black one with red roses,”  YouTube influencer (opens in new tab) Danger told the New York Post. “I cut it with a fancy ornate dagger because I didn’t want to cut it with a knife.”

Check out footage from what looks like a most excellent day below.