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Birds Playing Metal is probably the best 17-second video you’ll ever see

Yet another example of the magic that happens when someone on the internet has too much time on their hands



“Well, that’s 17 seconds of my life I’ll never get back.”

You can already hear the haters hatin’, but we’re ignoring them, and are instead happy to report that the short period of time we spent watching LeopARTnik‘s video ‘Birds Playing Metal’ was anything but wasted.  

The video originated from Zoos South Australia, who run Adelaide Zoo and Monarto Safari Park, and shows a pair of excitable Blak-capped Lorikeets bouncing around their cage. 

YouTuber LeopARTnik added a couple of guitars and a soundtrack – Higher Octane by Vans in Japan, available now from the No Copyright Audio Library – to produce a video that’s so short you can actually enjoy it three times in less than a minute. 

“I didn’t know how much I needed this in my life,” reads one of the comments on YouTube. “This is the best thing ever made,” reads another, while a third, rather forlornly, says, “I wish I could shred while eating”.

The Blak-capped Lorikeet is a parrot found in New Guinea and adjacent islands, and lives on a diet of pollen, nectar, flowers, fruit and insects.

For his part, LeopARTnik has made a series of tutorial videos explaining how to make videos like the one featuring the Lorikeets.

“You asked I delivered,” says LeopARTnik. “Grab your device and let’s create doodle together. I will lead and you will follow. We will create cute doodle on a mobile device.”