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Body Count‘s The Hate Is Real video is great news for anyone who wants to see a puppet Ice-T

Body Count share their new fan-made music video for The Hate Is Real – and it’s good news if you like puppets



Body Count have shared a fan-made music video for The Hate Is Real, taken from latest album Carnivore

The band recently launched a competition requesting fans to send in their own videos for the track, and they have now chosen their favourite.

The winning video was created by Seby Martinez and features Body Count, including vocalist Ice-T, alongside characters such as the Grim Reaper, all made entirely out of puppets. 

The juxtaposition between the lyrical content depicting the American political landscape and the use of puppets makes the video all the more effective. With lines such as “I’m from L.A where the red try kill the blue” and “’I’m from the place where the kids hate the fuckin’ cops / Where the street violence never stops” the track’s title gains even more weight — this shit is real, but we’re gonna use puppets to highlight the god damn insanity of it all.

This year, Body Count won the Grammy for Best Metal Performance at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards for their track Bum-Rush, also featured on Carnivore

Watch the video below.