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“Congratulations, this is the most Tool fan post I’ve ever seen”: man divides online opinion after postponing his wedding to see Tool, upsetting his bride-to-be

A Tool fan has asked the Internet for advice after getting into the “worst fight of his life” with his fiancé for asking to push back their wedding so he can go to see his favourite band



While most people would prioritise their wedding day above all else, one man has caused quite the stir online after postponing his nuptials in order to attend a Tool gig.

After the man in question popped the dreaded question – that is, asking his fiancé if their wedding could be pushed back in favour of a hot date with Maynard James Keenan and co – his bride-to-be was unsurprisingly upset, and has apparently moved out of their ‘love-nest’ to live with her parents. 

Asking the Internet for advice, the fan declares: “Dear Reddit I am in a dilemma”.

“So me and my wife are getting married (unfortunately) on the third of October which is the day tool will be in our town of Loveland, CO. 

“So I told my wife I don’t want to be married on the third because Tool was in town. That lead to the worst fight of our lives and she went to go live with her parents and it seems that all her relatives are on her side what should I do.”

If you ask us, anyone who uses the word “unfortunately” to announce their nuptials may not be all that thrilled to be getting married in the first place, but who are we to judge? The Internet, obviously, has no such qualms… 

The most popular comment on the post reads: “Congratulations, this is the most Tool fan post I’ve ever seen”. While another reader writes: “Maynard told us about fans like you”.

As to what the Internet advises, one person suggests he perhaps goes to see them in a different city, while another suggests he attends the concert because, given his social faux pas, he likely “no longer has plans” anyway.

Another more level-headed fan writes: “Dude – as someone who was married and divorced – my wedding day was one of the best days of my life. The fact that you’re upset that you’re going to miss a concert because of your wedding is mind blowing to me and your soon to be (hopefully) wife is right to be upset. Tool will play again. You hopefully only get married once. I mean this in the most loving way possible – stop being selfish and understand that you are marrying your best friend which I would take ANY day over seeing a band. Sheesh.”

Check out the conversation below:

Dear Reddit I am in a dilemma from r/ToolBand