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Corey Taylor promises ‘Big Sh*t Coming’ in 2022, with music, movies and more

“Hold on to your butts” Corey Taylor advises, as he teases forthcoming activity from Slipknot in 2022



Always Slipknot’s most vocal hype man, Corey Taylor has promised “Big Shit Coming” from the Iowan band in 2022, in addition to personal projects he expects to see coming to fruition.

Effectively confirming that Slipknot will release a new studio album in 2022 – hardly the biggest revelation, admittedly, given that he previously told HardDrive Radio host Lou Brutus that the band were looking to mix the album in January with a view to a March/April release – Taylor also teased “secret ‘homecoming’ plans” and the release of his gonzo horror comedy Zombie Versus Ninja. The vocalist previously described the film as “the kind of fucking movie that I’ve always loved… the kind of movie that I’ve always wanted to make.”

Taylor has been equally effusive when talking up Slipknot’s as-yet-untitled seventh studio album, which the group recorded in Los Angeles with Joe Baresi (Kyuss/The Bronx).

“It’s an expansion of where we were at on We Are Not Your Kind,” the singer stated in July. “This band has always prided itself on expanding boundaries, expanding our musical vision.” “There’s a couple of songs on here that people are gonna be, like… There’s definitely some pit openers that are gonna fucking freak people out.”

“It’s got the heavy… There’s so many different elements on this one, man, that let’s just say I’m really excited to get the vocals on it. I’ve got all the lyrics written and whatnot. I’m starting to fine-tune everything. It’s gonna be interesting, man.”

As the man himself says, stay tuned!

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