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Dee Snider’s Leave A Scar: fist-pumping fun set to a soundtrack of heavy metal thunder

Dee Snider’s fifth solo album Leave A Scar is a healthy dose of PMA from the PMRC-bashing metal legend



Dee Snider loves heavy metal – he named his last album For The Love Of Metal for Chrissake. Many might point to his defence of the genre’s very existence in the Supreme Court as his ultimate act of devotion, but perhaps even more admirable is his unwavering dedication to juggernaut riffs and anthemic choruses. Leave A Scar is business as usual; fist-pumping fun set to a soundtrack of heavy metal thunder, and a sense of dogged PMA delivered with sledgehammer subtlety on the likes of Silent Battles. It might be a pongier variety of cheese than the last album, but it’s easy to forgive when Leave A Scar serves as an unapologetic love letter to a genre Dee has served for almost four decades. The Corpsegrinder guest spot on Time To Choose even shows Dee isn’t sniffy when it comes to metal’s heaviest bastions.

Leave A Scar is out July 30 via Napalm. Pre-order the album on Amazon here.